Elon Musk earned nearly $ 1 billion by sending just one tweet

    The importance of social networks is now difficult to underestimate. Today, Elon Musk showed how you can earn almost a billion US dollars by sending just one message with a length of 115 characters. His tweet was the reason that the company's shares in 10 minutes rose in price by 4%. This means that in 10 minutes Tesla Motors began to cost $ 900 million more.

    In his tweet, Musk announced a new Tesla product. And this is not an electric car.

    Mask's message was seen by a total of 1.86 million followers. By the end of the day, the number of retweets was 4,700, plus 3,700 users marked this message as “favorites”. Now the numbers are 6042 and 4739, respectively.

    What could this new product announced by Mask be? According to Pando online media reporters , Tesla is most likely preparing to release an energy cell for home use. In addition, it can be an electric bike, or even an aircraft. There are suggestions that Tesla is preparing to release its own smart watch, or (this is just a fantasy) a real Iron Man costume. Journalists at Geektimes suggest that Tesla’s “Battery Gigafactory” may also be new.

    Whatever it is, Wall Street clearly believes that the product costs almost $ 1 billion. Of course, over time, the stock price will be adjusted more than once by the market. The current situation is rather a manifestation of investor emotions.

    However, the business trusts the Mask, and believes that whatever its company offers, it will be a hit.

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