Startup for the diagnosis of cancer approved by the president and will receive 14.5 million rubles from IIDF

    According to the publication Rusbase, the project for the remote diagnosis of cancer UNIM approved by the president and will receive 14.5 million rubles from the Foundation for the Development of Internet Initiatives. Also, the vice president of Rostelecom Alexei Basov is investing in the project. The UNIM project of Alexey Remez was a resident of the accelerator of the IIDF.


    “The project began as a system that made it possible to deliver the analysis to Moscow, to conduct it on the basis of the Federal Scientific and Research Center Rogachev and get the result. But the project did not waste time in the accelerator in vain and managed to create the Digital Pathology platform, which will help bring patients, pathomorphologists and oncology diagnostics online, ”says Maxim Steigerwald, investment director of the IIDF.

    The amount invested by Basov has not yet been disclosed. “UNIM has demonstrated the ability to provide real assistance, increase the availability of high-tech services, and ultimately save lives. I believe that the guys will not only build a great business, but will also help bring the oncology diagnostic system to a new level in Russia, ”the business angel is convinced.

    In 2014, the project attracted investments in the amount of 1.4 million rubles from the third accelerator of the IIDF. On March 27, 2015, among other startups of the IIDF, UNIM was presented to the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin supported the startup: “We and the Ministry of Health will also formulate an appropriate order, and we will work with the regions so that they support this program.”

    According to Alexei Remez, the company is already making a profit, and new investments will be directed to the development of the project in other countries, as well as to improve the Digital Pathology cloud system. “Already, we see the great interest of doctors from Germany, Great Britain and Norway to us,” he said.

    Also UNIM is used by doctors from Russia, the USA and countries of the customs union.

    At the beginning of last year, the world market of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) was estimated at $ 47.27 billion. According to experts, by 2017, the company's revenue in this market could reach $ 62.63 billion.

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