Programmer's Daily Report

    When dozens of people work on a project, it’s hard to keep track of who does what. If the team is distributed across countries and / or cities, it becomes even more difficult to get an idea of ​​what people from another city and / or other country are doing.

    Targets and goals

    1. Timely detect obstacles that engineers encountered while completing their tasks.
    2. Find dependencies between tasks of different engineers.
    3. Timely determine what task the engineer is engaged in - the one that the manager or the leading programmer put to him, or the one that he invented for himself.
    4. Objectively evaluate the results of each employee.


    The project manager creates a special group called “Daily Reports” and subscribes all project participants to it. Each engineer at the end of his working day spends 5 minutes in order to write a daily report and send it to the distribution group.

    Report template

    In a daily report, an employee must successively answer three questions:

    1. What blocks my work?

    When answering this question, the engineer lists the risks, threats, obstacles or dependencies that block his work on the current task.


    The task “67 - Navigation system - Main menu - Refresh icons” is blocked due to the lack of new icons.
    The task “83 - Navigation system - Search by postcode - Add a search screen by postcode” cannot be completed, because work on the task "82 - Navigation system - Develop a postal code search module" has not yet begun

    2. What did I do today?

    Answering this question, the engineer lists the tasks that he did on the current working day. Information about the task should include the task identifier, name and, if possible, a hyperlink to its description in the task control system. The name will allow the reader of the report (manager or other engineer) to get an idea of ​​what this person was doing. Task ID and hyperlink will help you quickly find additional information on the task in the task control system.


    119 - Navigation system - Route construction - Find out why the Ring Road is not used when constructing the route from Nepokorenny Ave. to Ladoga Station with time optimization enabled
    91 - Navigation system - Address search - Understand why there are several intersections of Nevsky Prospect and Kazan Street.

    3. What am I going to do tomorrow?

    Answering the third question, the engineer lists the tasks that he is about to start on the next working day, or indicates that there are no tasks if there are no tasks.


    131 - Navigation system - Navigation - When moving along a route, the arrow should not jump to perpendicular streets and change its direction by 90 degrees 107 - Navigation system - Navigation - Understand why the arrow doesn’t stick to the main road element when driving along Civil Street
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