Google got a patent for smart contact lenses

    The United States Patent Office granted Google Patent No. 8,985,763 for multilayer contact lenses with sensors and a microcontroller. The device can be used to measure temperature, glucose and cholesterol and blood alcohol levels. Lens will leave their main function of vision correction.


    In January 2014, Google received a US patent for “smart” lenses with a video camera . A document in the form of a contact lens comprising an electrical circuit, a camera, and sensors has been described in documents. Mentioned sensors of light, pressure, temperature and electric field.

    Illustrations from a 2014 Google Patent.

    The Google X division has been working for a long time to create an “extended” version of the contact lens. First of all, experts added the ability to track glucose levels : the measurement takes place by tears, and LEDs notify the owner in case of problems. Introduced in 2014, the prototype measured sugar levels once per second. The device in combination with a mobile application will help to notify the owner in time about the indicator exceeding the permissible limits, and when working with the third device - an automatic insulin pump - it will be able to regulate the sugar level. All information will be received by the attending physician.

    Google’s next step was to obtain a patent for multilayer smart lenses and a method for their production in March 2015. A layer with sensors will be added to the layer with the microcontroller, after which they will be “packed” into the polymer shell. The gadget is capable of performing the function of vision correction, and moreover, it will help with astigmatism: for this, contact lenses with an uneven surface are used, which is indicated in the patent.

    In 2014, the medical company Novartis licensed Google contact lenses and plans to turn the development of the Internet giant into a commercial product.


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