The online educational platform “Netologia” enters the B2B market

    According to, Netologia, one of the leading companies in the Russian B2C market for online education, has launched a B2B service. She has been preparing for this since November 2014.

    Now, within the framework of corporate programs, it will be possible to purchase a subscription to online courses for a group of 5 people for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. It will also soon be possible to create your own courses using the platform. The services of Netologiya have already been tested by such companies as Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, IKEA, Groupon, MySklad and Work-zilla.

    In September 2014, Netologia teamed up with Foxford, an online education center for students. Joint company "Netologiya-group" attracted$ 1.1 million from InVenture Partners. And in February 2015, Buran Venture Capital and InVenture Partners funds invested another $ 2.1 million in it under the terms of a syndicated transaction.


    Maxim Spiridonov, co-founder and CEO of Netologiya-groups:

    The market for corporate services in the field of online education has noticeably accelerated amid the crisis, as companies began to more closely evaluate the feasibility of any investments. Most often, responsibilities for improving the efficiency of employees are assigned to HR specialists or department managers. The main problems for them are how to motivate and control. Our service allows you to resolve these issues.

    Now the market of corporate services in the field of online education is at the initial stage of development. At the same time, having competitors is a great motivator. We always strive to be faster, higher, stronger.

    The competitors of Netologia in the B2B segment are the Russian project and the American

    However, the company is not afraid of competitors, as it hopes to attract the attention of those customers who still doubt their decision on online education with their appearance on the B2B market.

    According to Netology estimates, the number of users who attended the courses reached 11,000. The geography covers 479 cities of Russia and the CIS countries. Users are provided with 8 intensive training programs for Internet professions, as well as more than 100 courses to improve skills in the field of Internet marketing, business management and personal effectiveness.

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