Apple secretly bought a startup Acunu in 2013: information got into the media just now

    This week, Apple acquired FoundationDB , a company that is creating a noSQL database for working with web applications. Later, Bloomberg became aware that the corporation had bought a startup in Acunu to analyze data back in 2013 and did not inform anyone about it.

    Apple is dealing with a huge amount of data. To process and use them, we need new technologies that the corporation is able to obtain through the purchase of startups. In 2014 alone, Apple bought 17 companies, including Beats Electronics LLC for $ 3 billion.

    Forty people work at FoundationDB, but the know-how of the company allows it to announce the ability to store different types of data in one database. For two rounds of financing, the company received $ 23 million.

    In 2013, Apple bought the Acunu startup and closed it right away. The company's developments provide database analysis, they are able to work with other tools and improve them - for example, the Cassandra database that Apple uses. Information about the deal was not received in the media, but former startup employees changed their employer on LinkedIn to Apple.

    Information on the sum of both transactions was not disclosed.

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