From LinguaLeo to level 90

    At the EdTech Russia conference on educational technologies, Ainur Abdulnasyrov (founder of LinguaLeo ) made a presentation entitled "Education for the Future" and at the end of the report announced the launch of a new educational project - LeveL90 .


    Level 90 (LeveL90) will be implemented in the form of an interactive diverse educational platform, available as a web service and mobile applications.

    The main "theme" of the project is already being set by the name, the learning process is identical to the game. The user selects a course of the desired subject, passes a test that determines the current level of the user-player, and then a course is taken on a step-by-step system, mastering the topic and developing relevant skills to a maximum level of 90 skill.

    Three components of any course on the LeveL90 platform:
    1. the terms and definitions that the student must master, and without which it is impossible to understand the subject,
    2. educational multimedia content (books, songs, videos),
    3. cases, practicing behavioral skills in imaginary situations in the life of a manager, yoga, physicist, for the successful solution of similar situations in real life.

    All courses are distributed in 5 areas:
    • basic knowledge (school curriculum);
    • professional knowledge and entrepreneurship;
    • social roles and relationships;
    • health, sports, nutrition and lifestyle;
    • culture, art, philosophy.

    The planned business model of the project is Freemium .
    The mission of the project is to train in such a way that there are more successful “people”.
    Project press release.

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