The nozzle on the gun makes it a non-lethal weapon

    The American arms company Alternative Ballistics has developed a nozzle on a conventional pistol that allows you to turn one shot from it into a non-lethal one. The nozzle contains a ball of metal alloy. Departing from the barrel, the bullet is imprinted on it and then they fly together already. The blow from this ball, according to the inventors, is comparable to a blow with a hammer, but the projectile does not penetrate the body and does not cause damage similar to damage from bullets of a firearm.

    This device can be useful when the policeman has at least three seconds, or when the offender is armed, for example, with a knife and not with a firearm. Then the servant of the law can quickly get out and put on the gun a nozzle containing a metal ball. Such a shot, although it can become fatal, has a much greater chance of saving a person’s life, and at the same time and temporarily neutralizing the attacker.

    Thus, the police do not need to carry an alternative, non-lethal weapon, and change it to a firearm during the incident, wasting time and distraction. A small nozzle is placed in a waist pouch, fits onto the barrel very quickly, and after use it flies off to the side.

    In the United States, where firearms are permitted in many states, a whole range of rules and measures have to be developed so that police can maintain order. If it is suspected that the offender is armed, the policeman in some situations has the right to shoot his pistol. However, like any system invented and implemented by man, it gives failures.

    The largest of the recent scandals was the incident in Ferguson, when a policeman killed a teenager because of the suspicion that the latter had firearms. These are the incidents that Alternative Ballistics wants to avoid, offering the police their own solution to this problem. One of the founders of the company, a retired policeman, came to this decision, thinking about the possibilities of turning a firearm into a non-lethal one. And just the Ferguson police were the first to agree to test the new product in action.

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