Barbie made a hacker engineer (unsuccessfully)

    Concerned about gender inequality, Americans have created an advanced version of Barbie, which is interested in computers and information technology.

    Barbie is traditionally considered a symbol of male chauvinism. A slender blonde with a minimum of intelligence, who cares only about her appearance, is the way girls put this image from childhood. Manufacturers of the toy followed the lead of the feminists and decided to change the image. However, they did not succeed too much.

    The new Feminist Hacker Barbie website explains why the new version of Barbie Engineer was unsuccessful.

    Firstly, history provides that Barbie needs a man to study a new field of knowledge. In one of the shots, she says: “I only generate ideas! I need Stephen and Brian to turn them into a real game! ” This is a blatant violation of feminist principles, which provide for the absolute equality of the sexes and in no way allow the intellectual superiority of men over women.

    On the Feminist Hacker Barbie website, you can select any page from the new Barbie book and edit it by changing the text to the one that should be there, given gender equality.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you think women are dumber than men?

    • 39% Stupid 516
    • 1.9% Smarter than 26
    • 42.9% Equally 568
    • 16% don't know 213

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