Sony and Panasonic join forces to create 300 GB and higher optical discs

    Today Sony Corporation has published an interesting press release, which speaks of a new project, jointly with Panasonic , whose goal is to develop the format of optical discs. "Development" involves the production of high-capacity optical disks, at least 300 GB. And such media should be ready by the end of 2015 (and this is already very soon). Already there is a discussion of the specifications of the new standard and other issues related to the draft.

    According to companies, optical discs have a future, as they are quite well protected from external influences. The optical disk is not affected by water, humidity and, to a certain extent, temperature. In addition, the disks are suitable for working in a wide variety of devices, with a wide variety of formats.

    Both Sony and Panasonic previously developed their own Blu-ray ™ -based optical media formats. Nevertheless, now both companies recognized the need for further development of the technology for creating optical disks, and came to the conclusion that the importance of working together.

    It is worth noting that last year, Sony, and this year, Panasonic, launched a storage system based on an array of optical disks. For example, a Sony device allows you to work with 25 GB disks, with a total capacity of up to 1.5 TB. It is likely that such systems can be adapted for optical disks of a new format, which will achieve a significant increase in the working volume of data.

    Via sony

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