Fighting video hosting: FS vs EX - who whom?

    I am a regular user of video hosting, my favorite pastime is watching movies. Therefore, of course, every day I come across video hosting services now, and not disks. Below I set out my observations as a user of both services. All these observations are very subjective, do not pretend to any analytics, but simply are the feedback of the user who used this and that.

    Yes, everyone was happy with until a default occurred - a famous story. Against this background, the video hosting was completely unexpected. All, firstly, learned that he simply is. And secondly, they found that at some points it is much more convenient:

    1. HD quality is played without problems
    2. You can select audio tracks, and there are titles, it seems.
    3. A more logical system of comments and directories.

    Disclaimer: I am not a fan of FS.Jua, and they are also often brought in with advertisements (see below), and there is a lot to work on.

    From this point on, experienced her take-off. But, as usual with our managers, greed began to crush. FS shoved in your videos is the amount of advertising that spammers perepelyunul - commercials spinning:

    1. Every time you change the track
    2. Each time reloading film / page
    3. During the pause, shows another kind of crap
    4. Plus loaded teasers Marketgida

    Reached to the fact that in broad daylight they played ads of booze and cigarettes. It got to insanity: you put cartoons for children, and then cigarettes, almost phone sexdating service. I wrote to them, like, you guys have brains? And they answered me: like, we don’t violate the law on advertising, if you want ads not to be shown to you, register, indicate that you are not 18 (although there are, of course), and that’s all - you won’t get such advertising, but if I I want to watch an erotic movie, what should I go to another account where I am 50 years old? I believe that this redneck is open-source video hosting, it is almost like a TV channel, therefore, in addition to the law on advertising and greed, you need to include brains.

    Then ex recovered, but still with big bugs: many files were inaccessible, and again it was impossible to return to ex.

    But Ex learned a lesson, and now at least he has the opportunity to skip the commercial, such a button appears when 16 seconds have passed.

    Then it’s clear that the FS also turned on the brains, or the advertisers fell off, which is more likely, and now they left only teasers of marketing, which, of course, have quenched everyone, but if you don’t notice them, it's normal, they’re in the fields, they’re not in the movies they climb.

    Now ex has released the ex + client application - , for viewing without going to the site. I have not used the application yet.

    I don’t know who will outplay anyone in the future, but it’s good that: a) there is a choice (if there is no movie there, I checked there, if not, then I’ve climbed torrents), b) the competition does not allow both hosting providers to relax.

    These are the observations of the average viewer of the Internet cinema. I’m sure there are a lot of video hosting users here, what do you say? What do you think is better? Which is more convenient? S t.z. ordinary viewer, of course.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What's better?

    • 38.3% 171
    • 23.9% 107
    • 44.1% Both have advantages and disadvantages 197

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