National Geographic released a hard drive with all issues of the magazine 1888-2009 and bonuses

    Out of the entire mass of television channels that are now available, I only watch 2-3. These are National Geographic, Viasat HIstory and sometimes Discovery. If it weren’t for these channels, the TV would probably haven’t been at home. National Geographic has a lot of interesting shows, and the magazine itself is very interesting. True, to look and read National Geographic materials is not always possible. But today I accidentally read the news that National Geographic launched a 160 GB hard drive with all the issues of its magazine (1888-2009) and many bonuses.

    Bonuses include thousands of digitized cards that are laid out generally for the first time. There is a Geobrowse tool that helps you find articles, photos and maps related to the selected location.

    There are also tests to help you figure out how well you navigate the geography, history, and culture of certain regions.

    In addition, a bonus DVD is also offered with tips from professional photographers, as well as all sorts of moments in the life of journalists who usually remain behind the scenes.

    And yes, the price of all this pleasure is about 200 cu ($ 199.95), which is not so much. I myself am thinking about buying all this as a gift to myself for the New Year. It is a pity, of course, that there are only releases for 2009. At least by the beginning of 2012, they posted materials, it would be generally super.

    UPD . By the way, here are the same issues, only on DVD . And it costs 65 cu, but on Amazon it’s even cheaper.

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