Julian Assange calls Facebook a spy machine

    Despite the pending extradition to Sweden because of allegations of sexual abuse, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange is still located in the center of media attention.

    Russia Today (RT) interviewed Assange in order to find out his opinion on the political unrest in Egypt and Libya, in particular, the founder of Wikileaks thinking about the role of social media in recent revolutions in both countries. In his interview, Assange paid special attention to Facebook, calling it "the most terrible spy machine ever invented."

    Explaining in more detail, Assange stated:

    This is the most complete database in the world about people, their relationships, their names, addresses, locations, their communication with each other, their relatives, all located in the United States and completely accessible to US intelligence.

    According to Assange, it does not end with Facebook. He believes that the social network along with Google, Yahoo and other large American organizations have “built-in interfaces for US intelligence”:

    This is not a matter of handing the summons; they have an interface that they developed for use by US intelligence. Is it because Facebook is under US intelligence? No, it is not. It’s just that American intelligence can put legal and political pressure on them.

    It is expensive for them to start separate files, so they automated the process.

    The founder of Wikileaks warned Facebook users, saying that if the user adds a friend on Facebook, then he "does a free job for the US intelligence agencies to create this electronic database for them."

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