DDoS attack on Paypal API begins

    Regular Paypal users should not rely on the reliability of this service in the coming days. This morning, as part of "Operation Payback" started DDoS-attack on api.paypal.com , port 443. This was reported by a blog Anonymous Operations.

    The discussion of the next goal after Mastercard.com began on the Operation: Payback IRC channel tonight, there were options for secure.authorize.net or the paypal.com homepage. By morning, we settled on software interfaces. If successful, this will temporarily disable Paypal's payment infrastructure.

    Another target in the chain of continuous DDoS-attacks can again become mastercard.com. As you know, Mastercard and PayPal refused to transfer donations to the non-profit website Wikileaks. Paypal vice president admitted yesterday that this was done under pressure from the State Department.

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