Julian Assange arrested in the UK

    Today it became known that the British police arrested Julian Assange on charges of sexual offenses, which was brought against him in Sweden. The Swedish authorities sent a request for the arrest of Assange to Interpol, and in the UK, whose law enforcement agencies cooperate with Interpol, Assange was arrested. It is interesting that at first the law enforcers called Assange’s lawyer, informing them that they would like to “talk” with his client.

    And literally a few hours after that Assange was arrested. It is still unknown whether he himself came to the station, or he was "taken" somewhere else, but the fact remains - the permanent project manager of Wikileaks has been taken into custody.

    The British authorities adhere to the principles of non-interference, claiming that Assange was arrested solely because of a request by the Swedes for his arrest. Everyone unanimously asserts that Wikileaks has nothing to do with the arrest, although Assange himself, of course, believes the opposite.

    “Assange was arrested on charges of three sex crimes, including two harassment and one rape. All three cases were filed in August 2010, ”the London police said.

    Well, we are waiting for the continuation, and we hope that all this ugly situation will have a positive ending for Assange.

    By the way, the first attention was paid to the news by the ilya42 user , for which many thanks to him.

    Via reuters

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