Why does online news suck? 10 reasons

Original author: Mark S. Luckie
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Maybe it's not good to mock the wretched, but current news sites deserve to be flogged. Consider the list of their sins.

1. News in a thousand words

One of the reasons people go online is to get news quickly. So, dear candidates for the Pulitzer Prize, we will not scroll your news for six months. Either break it into pieces, or erase everything unnecessary that you wrote there.

2. One hundred page slideshow

Just let's not rush to extremes. It is not necessary to divide the news into parts in such a way that there is one picture and a sentence per page. Maybe you need to unscrew more banners, but it breaks us too, click thirty times to read one (!) News.

3. Unfolding rich media advertising

You open the news of the case, carefully begin to read it. Suddenly, bang! From somewhere above or from a corner a miracle of interactive animation comes out. You start frantically searching for the “Close” button or some kind of cross, but they stuck it exactly where no one will guess. All this bothers you and you close the window. Is that familiar?

4. Links do not smell

Often the news tells about some interesting thing or site, but does not give a single link. You have to google yourself. Sometimes this remains on the conscience of the mediocrity of a journalist, but often the reason is different - the editors are afraid that we will go to another site. Do not be afraid! We will really leave.

5. Registration

Thank God, many are no longer asking to register everyone in a row. However, there are still dinosaurs still requiring registration. They don’t understand that it’s easier for us to refuse to read their news than to register on the site, which we will never return to anyway.

6. Wacky design

Wherever you go, the first pages look like the wizards of HTML were sick. Endless columns of text and links, all in a mess, no separation of content. If you are going to sculpt columns, check out the Alltop website . Maybe it will help.

7. Full Screen Advertising

You come in to read the news, and you have left advertising in full screen. And completely off topic. We understand that you need to earn money, but we are also annoyed.

8. Firemen are looking, police are looking

We watch the news on TV. Here the reporter finished the story and said: “You can read more about this on our website.” - And give the site address on the screen. We go to the site and what do we see? Nothing. Look for a link to this story. She is not even in the search form.

9. Popups

What are you? Still using popups on your site? No, what's the truth? Really?

10. Trolls and flame

Well, these guys are everywhere enough, not only on news sites. Since the news itself is sometimes very controversial in nature, there is room to take a walk. It starts chasing, threats, disassembly, insults. Try to delete, immediately cries of freedom of speech will begin. But you still need to clean the forum.

Mark S. Luckie
January 28, 2009

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