First impressions of the first spring business portal

    On the first day of spring, a shelf of business portals arrived: a beta version of the business for me project welcomes visitors at What do the authors promise?
    The main page of the portal is modular - you can add the necessary information to it. To do this, use the catalog of materials - it contains an extensive selection of your own and third-party information sources. There are also options for quick additions - using the “editorial recommends” block in the left column on the main page. In addition, you can add material to the main page, for example, from a page with information about a company or industry. We try to simplify the work with information as much as possible.

    You can configure most of the blocks on the main page. When you hover over a block, its control buttons appear. In the quick settings window of the news feed you can specify which topics you are interested in - in the future they will be the only ones. You can also add and remove stock quotes of the companies you are interested in, include tickers and customize other elements of the main page.

    Most of the blocks can be moved around the page - just like windows on Windows or MacOS. You can also remove unnecessary blocks. You can return them through the catalog of information - it stores the history of all changes to the main page.
    By the way, all changes are saved automatically. Most importantly, do not forget to register so that the settings can be used on any computer.

    Not all of the declared ones work in the current version of the project. I walked through the newly made portal and allow myself to share a couple of impressions.

    The main page of the RBC social killer unambiguously answers the question about the target audience of the future portal. In the header are lines with quotes and Breaking news. The right column is devoted to Russian and world indices, exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Forex. It also shows the dynamics of oil, metals and stocks on the RTS and MICEX.

    The central field and the left column are occupied by top news, section news. In short, everything is like people have. A bit unusual is the field with the time and date of publication: Updated 16 h 19 m ago and at the same time Updated February 14. Editorial materials can be commented upon after registering. Registration itself is completely standard. I only note that when filling out profiles, it is proposed, among other things, to specify a profile on LinkedIn and MyKrug. For some reason, after registration, it turned out that in the field “Company” it was listed “1st East Artel”. Either this is the beta cost, or the engine tried to guess the employer of my dreams))

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