SOUP bought LJ.

    You know, about 20 minutes ago I wrote with confidence that the bloody mode (tm) has no way to delete a post from LJ - they say that it cannot be reached America, and SOUP is only for advertising and additional services, and there is no access to the database , they don’t have a big red button.
    And now I can’t say that. Today SOUP announcedabout the purchase of LiveJournal from SixApart, reports with reference to AP. SOUP plans to create a new company in San Francisco, which will provide global LJ management. Details of the transaction and the amount that SixApart will receive are not yet known, but on Monday they promise to continue the story. SOUP President Andrew Paulsen said he hopes to return LJ creator Brad Fitzpatrick, who left SixApart to Google this year. Also, 9 SixApart employees working on LiveJournal will enter the SOUP.

    Meanwhile, LJ fell around 2 a.m. Moscow time.
    Bloody rezhim (tm) in action;)
    2.17 -

    Update2 rose :
    The amount of the transaction is about $ 30,000,000, the merchant reports .
    The official announcement of the transaction (eng)
    Fitzpatrick's comment -
    faq on the deal -

    Gentlemen, about the bloody cut (tm) - this is irony;)

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