Amazon buys

    Amazon has sold in earnest. Released Kindle, launched an mp3 music store, having agreed with all the major labels, together with Pepsi they are going to distribute goods for $ 1 billion, a year ago they launched Unbox video service for TiVo and now buys - the largest audio book service, offering more than 80 thousand items. The transaction price is about $ 300 million.

    Since 2003, has been in close partnership with Apple and iTunes, which offers 20 thousand audio books from the Audible catalog. Apple licensed their FairPlay DRM to them, if I am not mistaken, they were the only ones who received such an honor.

    After the announcement of the purchase of by Amazon, many questions immediately appeared: will Amazon give up Audible DRM in favor of mp3? will Audible audio books be sold on iTunes? Will Amazon Release Its Own Audio Player?

    The purchase process is expected to be completed by the end of Q2'08.

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