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    Meanwhile, you won't see a word about the movie in this article. In addition to the sad news that Fellini and Chaplin, unfortunately, have died.

    Our mega-monster portal is again holding a contestBelarusian content projects. Do I need to tell you that if you have a blog or a site with interesting content, then you simply have to participate in it? At the moment, this is generally the only competition remaining on the Internet. And since we are busy with interesting sites here, then you have every chance to win. Somewhere I read the opinion that it is considered normal for us to invest 2-3 thousand dollars in the development of the site and 0 dollars in its content. That is why we have beautiful, but empty sites. And indeed, participation in contests stimulates, tones and invigorates. The only pity is that the awards are not very large.

    Do you want to find your friends on social networks, but do not want to view each from cover to cover? We will help you! A cool free service that searches for your friends in all significant social networks! You just need to enter your e-mail - and upscoop will search by e-mail from your address book. Well, if this is not enough for you, you can enter the addresses for the search manually.

    Yandex seriously took up blogs. Firstly, the mobile blogging search version has been launched . That is, the owners of the CCP will be able to learn about the most interesting in the blogosphere, wherever they are. Secondly, a diary catalog has opened , sorted by blog subject and similar in structure to Yandex.Catalog. By what principle and who sorted the blogs in the directory, it is not very clear, in any case, I did not find such information. Is it really manual?

    I am glad that they began to create social networks in our country. Moreover, they do not copy successful Western ideas, such as social bookmarks, but embody their own. The Cream.By social network announced the start of public testing with a relying press release. We are informed that this social network was created to bring together people who like to have a good time. System users will be able to plan a joint vacation, discuss the events of the cultural and entertainment life of Minsk, invite each other to restaurants and cinema. Well, it will be possible to speak about the results in a month, but for now let's test!

    For a long time in my reviews I did not turn to stand alone blogs. Meanwhile, our old friend Yuri Shilyaev in the last week on his blog published two very interesting, and, most importantly, controversial articles. Firstly, “ Where can I understand the gentleman! ” - that we do not know how to negotiate with the employer. I do not agree with some theses in this article, because it was written from the perspective of the employer, but the text nevertheless leads to certain thoughts. Perhaps it is worth changing something in your behavior. Secondly, " Work" for Uncle". Ah, how terrible it is! ”, In fact, the continuation of the topic of relations between workers and employers. Only in this case, Yuri is washing the bones to freelancers. The conclusion of the article, again, is pleasant for the employer:“ But many, leaving for freelance, freeze in the middle of this way. And they don’t know how to organize their enterprises and don’t want to work for anyone. They have money in their pockets, but they don’t have a clear idea of ​​the future. There is knowledge, but related experience is not growing. Two years later, this rebel is hired back. ".

    They ask me in letters how I I can find so many interesting things in the blogosphere. Everything is very simple - I’m a sick person spending about 22 hours a day on the Internet. So in fact I still find very little. But I have a tutorial for you " How to search for treasures". A recommendation article for those who want to find more interesting and useful information on blogs and less graphomaniac garbage. No thanks, transfer money to my account in the Zhlobin branch of Belarusbank.

    Which of us sometimes does not launch a game on our computer “Do you remember how in childhood we couldn’t tear us away from the computer and the TV with the prefix? When I was presented with a computer, I spent exactly one day behind it, fortunately, there were days off and my parents left somewhere. And from the game press I read the iconic“ Game. EXE. ”And even earlier, on the charge without prejudice, there was such a wonderful magazine, “Dendy New Reality.” And there was a section of letters from grateful readers entitled “I am writing to you ...” Selected pearls from this section, almost a hundred of the most-most masterpiece llamasms, are now availablethe general public! For example: " I want to ask. Is there a Sega CD-X prefix by inserting a video cassette and a laser disc, in a couple of minutes there will be a movie playing on the film that was on the video cassette? Chernyavsky Anton, Krasnoyarsk Territory ."

    “All professions are important!” Exclaim the choir man and a taxidermist and take up their professional duties. But Old Kamrad proudly declares: “ I am a Tester! ” And not only declares, but calmly, point by point, forces himself to respect: “This is work. Like any other, it is stupidly monotonous, and sometimes it is addictive with the head and other parts of the body. You may not even know what a tester drive is! Is funny In vain. "

    Well, for all the men who survived four days off, which began with the terrible March 8th, the last two links in this review. First, the famous television and radio host Sergei Stillavin talks about the call on the eve of Women's Day . The message sparked a heated discussion - six-page comments alone. The main theme is the loneliness of the bitch: " Stillavin, it's me - Stasya! Now you will congratulate me on March 8, because everyone else wants me, but you don’t want me! Well, congratulations soon! ". And then Evgeny Smirnov mens only publishes the “ March 8th Celebration Instruction ”. Perhaps it is worth printing and saving until the next holiday, and then strictly follow the instructions. "As soon as you, waking up in the morning and carefully looking at the woman, understand what you like, you can consider yourself avenged. You got a gift that costs more than all the flowers, plush toys and restaurants . "

    So you love to go for interviews? And how do employers like to listen to those who came for an interview! The whole series of" Tales from the interviews "on The Daily WTF's blog in Russian Someone laughs, and someone this link helps to behave correctly in the interview. By the way, I ask you to pay close attention to this entire blog. It publishes translations into Russian of humorous articles about programs, programmers and technologies from the worsethanfailure website . com . so th O pleasant reading is provided to you.

    Robot Bender from the American animated series Futurama became the hero of our time, and his sacramental “Kill all people!” Became the motto. The following link is dedicated to all the well-deserved paranoid and lovers of a worldwide conspiracy. Lapinuar talks about a bot program that can independently create blog posts and respond adequately to comments. The author’s conclusion is: “ As the customer then said,“ other programs will be created ”, like this one, so if the behavior of some LiveJournal seems strange to you, then maybe you are dealing with a bot. I recommend stopping communication with him right away, since it’s a waste of time - don’t repeat my mistakes! "

    Many large blogs have grown into social resources. Open access to add content, integration (borrowing) from YouTube, Flickr and Wiki. The scheme is simple - a blog (splog) is brought up to 6-7 unique visits in 3-4 months, then plugins are installed that allow users to post content, and, after a few months, we have a full social network. This simple truth is revealed to us by the ADNE blog . Who will adopt? Report later on your experience.

    The project has begun its work, designed to help advertisers and bloggers find each other. Not demanding any compensation from the authors, the administration of the service promises them anonymity, pricing advice and fee transactions (whatever that means). The creators of AdBlogs also took care of the conscience of bloggers. The service’s FAQ about the “moral side of the issue” says the following: “Yes, you get paid for it - and so what? If your friend recommends buying something in the store where he works and gets paid, is this really a hoax? ” As for the rules of blogging sites, prohibitions do not apply to “implicit” advertising, according to AdBlogs.

    And one more contest, in which every blogger must participate! The name, the truth, the organizers stole from this review, but I forgive them. Blogbuster Literary Award"will be awarded for works created on blogs and websites. The creators consider it the first prize in Russia in this area. The press release on the occasion of the opening of" Blogbuster "says that this competition will be the domestic analogue of the bourgeois Bluker Prize. Creative is required must be published on a blog or website, be no less than 20 thousand characters, but no more than 400 thousand characters, and also be a finished prose work.I will definitely submit some of my story for the prize, and then I will tell you about p result.

    Let's see what's going on in our Palestine. And we Vsevolod Volkov saysabout a new round of the Belarusian oligarchy. The essence of the conflict is that a few months ago Webcom studio made a new design for Date.By. The design, according to some estimates, turned out to be suspiciously similar to the design of the TUT.BY website. Then offended TUT.BY removed Webcom from the results of its search. But now Webcom has already taken offense ... Vsevolod mixed in one post an article, comments of opponents and zoom-in banners. Actually, another fight in our local sandbox, and we watch and have fun.

    The following link will be interesting to those who like to write “locked up” in their LJ, and to those who want to read it “ locked up". The castle in LJ is a stupid thing. You know, friends, everything that you write under the castle can be read calmly. The castle is suitable for posting stupid flash mobs that are aimed at people you really know in real life. If you have , of course, there is a group of friends a la “I know personally.” We are learning to be hackers and “Yandex” to help us!

    And the last news that Yandex Blog Search manager Anton Volnukhin told me in a secret blog: " LJ finally put an end to robots massively adding to friends. Now a day you can add as friends no more than a few hundred people". And it doesn’t matter that for the majority of Russian LJ users, the bot problem is associated with the toster account, which turned out to be an optimization project of Anton Volnukhin himself, which spun for a couple of months before getting into the top twenty most read users in LJ. Later he expanded the list of friends due to the account toster_star. as a result, the word "toaster" has become a household word, and in the community " Order shredders toasters " regularly publish a reference to the growing army of bots.

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