Review of blogs No. 34. Year of Blogs

    Some people think that the past year was the year of the dog, but this is not so. In fact, he was a year of blogging, and my regular reviews are proof of that. The number of blogs is growing faster than the population of the planet, and this is a rather big figure. More and more people stop reading news sites and trust blogs, especially if the blogger is an eyewitness to the event. And if there are several such eyewitnesses? Why listen to one official version if you can get acquainted with several versions of people who everyone saw with their own eyes at once and make your own conclusion?

    Over the year, more sites have appeared that allow you to create and maintain your own blog. True, they almost did not compete with the recognized leaders of and They are not looking for good from good, why switch to some new platforms, if the old one is quite happy? But the portals undertook with a vengeance to introduce blogs into their womb., rambler,, our TUT.BY (though it is not there yet, but very soon) - the list goes on for a very long time. And yet, inside the portal, the blog service looks flawed, simply because a lot of unnecessary functions and add-ons are automatically added to it. Sometimes a user gets bored already at the stage of setting up his blog and it doesn't even come to blogging. Why is this necessary? Won "Google" strategically selected blogs in a separate site and again won all. Or, for example,a blog search , to which he then added a bunch of useful features. I admit that if I use Google to search the Internet (even in Russian), then I use Yandex to search blogs.

    The main innovation over the past year has been video blogging. Which is somewhat surprising when compared with the small popularity of the podcast. It turned out that people like to watch videos much more than just listening to sound, even if you have to pay more for traffic or download longer. YouTube played a huge role in popularizing video blogging.. Of course, users of a dial-up connection squeak, but they can’t do anything already. Thus, video blogging spurs the development of high-speed Internet in our country, if not across the planet. Amateur mini-series are being created, little-known groups become mega-popular just because they posted their video on YouTube. Have you forgotten about our dancer from Belarus? This is the one who is called the second Jackson. Not of his own free will, of course, but became a superstar. And you say blogs byak. You yourself are byak.

    Perhaps a few words about our Palestinians. We, as always, are calm, completely calm. No, of course, something is happening somewhere somewhere, but from these events it carries such small things that I want to pinch my nose and spray the room with “Coniferous” air freshener. Yes,, it seems, lasted a year and even gained some audience. But personally, do you read many interesting blogs there? And in the same LJ? I’m talking about the blogs of Belarusians. Incomparable! Although the service is not even very bad, but the community still does not work out. is a beautiful design, behind which there are only 400 diaries. And this is for the year of existence! It turns out that design is not the main thing. And it’s not even functional, with which has no problems. Well, you do not need adolescents, on which, apparently, the site is designed to conduct blogs. And if someone leads him, then no one else but the owner is interested in reading it. It remains to wait for a revelation from our mega-portal: when will it launch its blogs? From the positive - some of our bloggers have achieved some popularity, but you can read more about this below.

    The end of the year was marked by various contests to determine the best bloggers. Especially succeeded in this, the Rykov Prize , about which the debate will not subside soon. Throughout its length, the Russian-speaking blogosphere was shaken by quarrels and showdown, the negative even touched Belarus, which I wrote about in a previous review. The winners are named, but it is still not clear whether the cash prize will actually be paid, because each winner in the nomination was promised one thousand evergreens, and the main winner was already ten thousand! Somehow, for some reason, they are inclined to think that they’ll give me money. You can even bet.

    The Rykov Prize did not have time to complete, the Parker Prize began". Unlike the PR, PP has already a short history, because Parker's first prize took place already in 2002. True, the prizes that then, that now, are not of great value, but pleasant to any gourmet are bottles of expensive good alcohol. Perhaps , for many, such a prize is more valuable than a bundle of some kind of green paper. In any case, you still have a lot of time to take part in at least this puzomerka.

    Ordinary bloggers also draw some conclusions. Of course, there are a lot of them and I’ll give you an example decided to randomly choose three. This collection is interesting, first of all Go, as a comparison, like three different people passed a year. You can compare with your own. So, one , two , three .

    "Internet Things" (we pay special attention to this site! Together withHabrahabra is the best that has appeared on the Russian Internet over the past year!) Also holds a competition, only here they do not find out who is better. The competition is called " New Year's Writing ", the link below will provide links to all participants, and the purpose of the competition is for you to write a short text on your topic in your blog. And the theme is simple: “Which site (or several sites) was most useful to me in 2006”. Yes, the question is very similar to the one I ask below. The idea of ​​the project, by the way, was borrowed on the site Problogger . You can read the full terms of the contest here . I hasten to upset those who are going to participate, the acceptance of applications has already been completed. The winner, by the way, will receive iPod Nano.

    And at the end of the year, it is necessary to conduct various surveys in order to get an objective assessment of the past twelve months and be proud of it over the next twelve months. In connection with this, completely random people were asked one simple question: “Which blog or which blog post do you remember most last year?”. Again, quite by accident among the respondents were KV reporters, as well as the national team of the rest of the world. Read the answers carefully!

    "Computer News"

    Max Kurmaz shocked all progressive mankind with the recognition that he "... never read any blogs in his life. And he didn't write." Egor Malyzhenkov also said that he visits only blogs of friends, and even then by their link. Thank God, the rest of the journalists of the intergalactic newspaper “Computer News” read blogs and shared their results of the past year. And the editor-in-chief Sergey Poznyak not only shared, but also wrote a full-fledged review for the year, but then he was shy and decided to insert only the most favorite in the article. These are they, KV journalists.

    "Personally, I consider blogs to be a good enough invention, because for the most part they are not just copyright pages, but imply certain informational communities of independent people, live communication. To single out someone especially ... :) The main thing in blogs is that there are a lot of them :) In my opinion, it is. For example, you start looking for information on some work of art or collections ... and went for a walk on the Internet. It's fine, "- as always, splashes Christopher's cheerfulness.

    "This year was a real surprise for me in terms of not only Belarusian blogging, but also global in general. Blogs and online diaries are growing exponentially - so it’s very difficult to mention the most memorable posts this year. But about the most pleasant and high-quality blogs that I regularly look at, I can say a few words. Firstly, Vasily Utkin’s blog really impresses me - even before his diary appeared, I had a very positive impression of this person. Vasily can not only talk beautifully, but also has the ability to attract the listener or (in our case) the reader with an unusual presentation of the material. Utkin's football blog- This is not only useful information, but also analytics in the highest quality. Secondly, this year the blog “ Look on the Internet ” attracted my attention - despite his youth, he probably has his own patrons and fans. A lot of information from the Web, current political news and humor allow me to keep abreast of most modern events in the world. Finally, the prize of my sympathies goes to LJ vinah , whose notes are simply interesting to read in my spare time.
    PS By the way, I forgot to mention another favorite LiveJournal, which is located in my “Bookmark Panel” (I honestly don’t really use aggregators) - this is the community of Minsk’s hometown, where new information appears with enviable efficiency and is of great interest to me. That’s basically it. I don’t succeed in reading blogs from cover to cover (with the exception of work blogs) because of the banal lack of time, so do not blame me for not bringing anything interesting,
    "Anton Borisov shares his opinion about his favorite blogs.

    " In the outgoing (which, by the way, leaving? No one thought?) year I came across one very interesting blog, which since then I regularly visit to read something useful and informative. The address of this blog is: I think it’s unlikely that I will be able to say better about this blog than its author (by the way, the journalist of the Russian IT publication Computerra): “About the life of real programmers. In general, there are drafts of a book about our fun (sometimes) life, but it’s hard, but with your support, dear readers, I hope to finish it all the same. I am waiting for you every Friday after, but until Exler. And you can more often. " I can only join these words and recommend this blog to everyone who considers himself a programmer, "Vadim Stankevich calls into the sect of programmers.

    "Teeth of wisdom is nonsense. What joy do I have when my teeth grew in my 25-30 years old, without which I have long been able to do without? Where were they when I opened beer bottles with my teeth in my youth, because it was cool? When did I snap nuts with my teeth? The liver of wisdom, the stomach of wisdom, the heart of wisdom ... - this is the topic ! ", - Sergei Poznyak claims that he has not yet entered the topic.

    The rest of the world

    Yes, the world is divided into two unequal parts - those who write for KV and everyone else. All the rest also read blogs over the past year ( cannot be!). And they also want to share their opinion on this matter.

    " for informativeness and efficiency. A lot, of course, garbage, but periodically shoots hard. At least remember the posts about the elections and the fight in the train , ”recalls the wonderful journalist Vsevolod Volkov .

    Due to my work, I have no way to keep my own or purposefully read someone’s blogs. Occasionally, I just look at what colleagues and friends send links to, as well as what they write on blogs about TUT.BY (we conduct such monitoring using special software). From freshly remembers - comments, though, of forum and fotozhaby about selling scooter ", - complains about the employment TUT.BY General Manager Kirill Voloshin.

    " The lj-user russlan_v. this is our Vladivostok man who wrote a series of awesome e-bay trading posts. as a result, his articles will be published in Moscow’s gloss - the editors read them live and burned up, "- PR of their compatriots Vilitary .

    " My thousandth Inner Voice , I think, should be mentioned. And a folder with a story about a boy and Putin. And the launch of an akavitoy search on blogs ", - the copywriter Art23 lists the favorites .

    "I can’t mark any blog or post for the whole year, because there were so many of them that it is very difficult to recall even the most memorable ones. IMHO, blogs do not exist for sensations and not to be remembered, but to give people up-to-date information about what is happening, an objective and authoritative view of the world. At the beginning of the outgoing year, I began to read a lot of Belarusian LiveJournal communities, because they gave timely information and people's views on what was happening in the country. LiveJournal showed its real power in the first half of 2006, when flash mobs were organized through LiveJournal, in which a large number of people participated. I hardly read blogs, because lately I find very little useful in them. Thank you and a productive new year! ", Says HvosT journalist and blogger .

    "True, I wanted to write a lot, and then re-read the question, at the same time I thought that there would be a cloud of such answers, and decided to answer in a minimal language :). From ne_ru_by_netovskih blogs - this year I discovered the blog . Every Monday, you can open this blog with interest and look at the new secrets of English-speaking Internet users that they (Internet secrets) send in the form of postcards or collages to the author of the blog. There are both amused things and secrets that make you think. In general, life (in all its manifestations) is in postcards.
    Of the Belarusian blogs, no doubt, minsk_byLearn community. During the March events, live news from this community was very helpful. And in movement, and just to be in the know. And the people there were (and are) kind and sympathetic. Well, the most memorable post - the post of my wife that she changed her name. I still can’t believe it :)
    ", - musician Yochel indulges in pleasant memories .

    End of article

    Despite the fact that it is now half past three in the night and a lot of effort has been spent on this article, I don’t want to finish it. It seems that as soon as I type my first and last name under this text, the year will end immediately. No, I have no fear of the future, on the contrary, I am waiting for him. But I also love the past and it's sad to close the door behind it. Well, goodbye fire dog, you have done a great job. Dear, dear readers of your beloved interstellar newspaper "Computer News", with the coming year 2007 and that it be at least no worse than all the previous ones!

    Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 52, 2006)

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