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    I get a lot of letters in which people offer a very reasonable thing: “Alexei, why don’t you invent some garbage and not exist for the rest of your life on royalties? And forget about blogs forever. ” I will heroically answer this question: “I will definitely invent some garbage! Perhaps even in the next seventeen days. And I will live on copyright until the end of my days. But I won’t forget about blogs! I have a good memory. ”

    Well, in this review I will continue to acquaint you with the best, in my opinion, Russian-language blogs.

    Advertising with a terrible octopus has flooded our entire free living space. Therefore, it makes no sense to resist it, but to heed only high-quality advertising is quite possible. Moreover, AD BLOG helps us with this.advertising through the eyes of an advertiser. This blog is maintained by copywriter Dmitry Kot, and almost every day interesting notes about advertising or criticism of commercials appear in it. I really like the easy syllable that keeps a diary, and besides, I have always been interested in beautiful advertising. I hope this blog will interest our advertisers.

    As much as I would not like, but probably worth mentioning in my reviews and super popular blogs. I don’t feel like doing this for a simple reason - everyone already knows about them. Better to spend this newspaper spot on lesser-known diaries. However, I’m sure that there will certainly be readers on the forum who will grumble: “Why aren’t there anything about Exler or Parker in the reviews?” It was already like this when I did not mention our domestic in the article about blog services. Well, get it. At , the site of Alexander Exler impressively spread. This person is not at all simple - the author of a large number of stories, reviews and essays (which are worth at least “Notes of the programmer’s wife”), editor, radio host, manager of many Internet projects. In short, the merits of this person can be listed for a long time and from this welter you can understand that his blog ( ) is very interesting to read. What, in fact, many people are already doing. Exler, by the way, is one of the oldest bloggers in Russia, however pathetic it may sound.

    From the same category blog, which leads, perhaps, the most scandalous personality of the Russian blogosphere mr.Parker. Behind this pseudonym is Maxim Kononenko, who, in addition to his blog, has created a number of shocking projects, for example, (I think everything is clear from the name) or “ Lunar Consulate in Moscow ”. In addition, he invented, conducted and awarded ZhZhpremiyu his name, which made himself even more sworn friends, comrades. As you can see, the personality is the most versatile and it is a great pleasure to read his blog. Get ready for the fact that there will be many records and your aggregator will work at full capacity.

    Well, now we move from the stars to normal bloggers. Although, a blogger by definition cannot be normal. Dmitry Podzvalovskiy, who is a software tester in the world, maintains his own Software Review blog in the virtual . Again, pretty much everything is clear from the title of the blog. For those who are at odds with a great and powerful English, I’ll explain - Dima writes about software, useful web services and events in the IT world. Why am I paying your attention to this blog? Because the author in each of his notes briefly but very clearly describes all the pros and cons of a particular program. It’s immediately obvious that this is a real tester. For example, I found several useful programs for myself thanks to this blog. It’s a pity that fresh notes do not appear often, and the last note is dated April 11th.

    We move from the tester to the web developer. Nemytchenko Ivan from Omsk is the only and unique author of the Zoob blog . What could be a web developer blog about? About the insides of teddy bears and the process of making caramels? Of course not. Web programming, computers, IT and so on and so forth. Most of the entries are in the webdev section, where the author gently touches both php, and javascript, and sql, and html ... A predictable sequence, don't you find? In general, the notes are all large and interesting. That is why, probably, there are not as many of them as we would like, and they do not appear often. Be sure to include this blog in your aggregators, otherwise I will come to you and stay alive.

    With a naked eye, a quiet stream of migration of Russian bloggers to the blog service from Google with the poetic name blogspot is noticeable. Felix Muchnik’s blog , called fmm (probably in honor of the author’s full name), has gained great popularity in a fairly short time. Small notes about the Internet and large articles in Computerra only increase interest in Felix's diary. In fact, praising this blog is like talking about the usefulness of water. You will like it regardless of my praises. Everyone who does not have this blog in the aggregators blush and are embarrassed to go out.

    A frequent guest was (and probably will be) the intruder's register blog. Unfortunately, I can’t report anything about the author of this diary. It is encrypted notably, it is quite possible that he is a Paraguayan spy, as soon as I have more accurate data, I will inform you. But the blog itself is about design, people, films, books - generally about life. This diary won me over with its language, which immediately attracts attention and makes you read the notes to the end. There are a lot of articles, they appear with an average frequency (in any case, they don’t forget that such a blog exists), it’s interesting to read - what else is needed for happiness?

    The fact that corporate blogs attract additional customers is clear to everyone. Interesting corporate blogs attract customers several times more. This is what a blog is.Russian contextual advertising agency Icontext. It is remarkable that this blog is maintained by a girl - Maria Chernitskaya, who is also the director of this agency. You must agree that you immediately begin to relate to the company when you find out that its director maintains his own blog. Notes, of course, about advertising, but it is very interesting to read them, in any case, I learned a lot of useful things for myself. Although, how can this information be useful to me if I'm not an advertiser? Come, read, add to the aggregators.

    Natural blogger Lesha KHALETSKY
    Published in Computer News (No. 16, 2006)

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