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    • Legendary typos
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    • An example of regional journalism
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    Greetings, my faithful readers and critics! Last week was remembered primarily by the onset of spring. Nature marked this event with yet another snowfall, which personally pleased me immeasurably. Now I go to the park every night with skis under my arm. I like skiing in the park. And I don’t know how to ride. Actually, like our entire ski team. You know, there is such an anecdote: “There are two Olympic teams in Belarus - one summer, and the second even worse.” And that I included the spleen? Let's talk about something nice, about “our everything” - blogs.

    In connection with past and upcoming holidays, I came up with an action plan for you. After all, we mainly have a male audience? There were people who conducted a study dangerous to their own health - what is the best vodka in the world? Have you started drooling? Wow reflexes! I won’t torment you anymore - jolita even prepared pictures for us to fantasize (gush?) Was more pleasant. Dear, I immediately warn you that the editorial board of KV is against alcoholism in all its manifestations. We are for a healthy lifestyle outside of alcohol fumes! Everyone is skiing!

    If you do not know the measure in the use of strong drinks, you can lose yourself. For example, one of my comrades, after heavy libations, regularly woke up near the entrance to his beloved polytechnic. If we consider that he lives in Borovlyany, then such constancy needed a thorough study. dalf_ezh invites us to read the legendary typos. Indeed, in any book you can find a typo, and here you sometimes come across such as if the corrector had previously participated in determining the most delicious vodka. For example: "the successes achieved in 19 years under the leadership of the Lenin-Stalin party."

    Tell me, frivolous and inexperienced youth, why do people get married? And some even get married! What is the high sense of the action called “civil registration”? Maybe after that some special chakras open? Here is someone plamja introduces us through photos with the incidents that occurred during weddings. Perhaps I am too categorical, but after seeing what I see to marry, the hunt completely disappears. But going to someone else's wedding is always a pleasure.

    In one of the previous reviews, I gave a link to a note that caused heated discussion on the forum of my favorite intergalactic newspaper. Fathers of daughters were especially indignant - they say, I propose to teach their children all sorts of dirty tricks. Just some new Makarenko. So, Comrade Contractor published a wonderful poster picture titled “ Where is Your Daughter Today? ”. It is proposed to choose from two options. I myself recommend that you print and hang in all the schools of our blue-eyed homeland. Also, by the way, you can organize the movement "Dad for daughters!"

    I will continue the topic of education. Attention, in order to avoid accusations of harmful influence on the younger generation, I recommend that everyone who has not reached the age of 30 do not read this paragraph. Even I myself will not read it. All the rest can find out that the beautiful girl viola4u gives a free home lesson lesson with pictures and explanatory text. You will not find any candid photos on the link, only explaining, but, nevertheless, beautiful images. In my opinion, striptease is a beautiful and complex art that any woman should own.

    Citizen Natalya Vorontsova-Yuryeva in a huge gall text debunks all mythsabout the novel by Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy "Anna Karenina." And for some reason Nabokov gets the most. Although it’s more correct to say what the critics, literary critics and textbooks of Russian writers get. The idea of ​​this article is that Anna Karenina is a novel about a female manipulator. And, after reading the note, I am even inclined to agree with this. I recommend reading to all people tortured by Tolstoy, as well as to teachers of Russian literature.

    In the beginning there were “Vanger”, then “Moonshine”, even later “Perimeter”. Fans of computer games immediately learned the development of the Kaliningrad studio KD Lab. Their distinguishing feature has always been an unusual bewitching world, in which, for example, it was necessary to carry out the Tabutus of Lipky on Glorx. I came across a lively magazine of the main throughout this catavasia - Kranka. Now I want to recommend reading his thoughts on the film " The Chronicles of Narnia ." More precisely, thoughts about shaping the future of humanity with such children's films. And the whole diary of Krank is recommended for compulsory study.

    How, you have not yet written on our gentle forum that the "Blog Reviews" are the world's evil? Correct immediately! Our sect is becoming more numerous. Khaletsky is a product of the evil of the world wide web, an under-journalist, and simply an illiterate loader. But the Sociopath from the back seat presents to my and your attention an example of regional journalism , after reading which you begin to relate to Khaletsky a little softer. Although, of course, plagiarism should be prosecuted and punishable by excommunication, at least.

    And Lena is asking us all a question.on gender relations. The question, of course, is quite typical and this can happen to anyone, but, in my opinion, you should not find out on the Internet who is to blame for this situation, but decide everything inside the family cell. And then living on advice is not the best way, especially on the advice of completely strangers.

    As Bulgakov said through his Woland, “People are mortal. And what is most sad - they are mortal all of a sudden. ” So in the live journal are the diaries of thosewho has long left this world. I’d better quote: "Someone crashed in a car accident, someone was killed by an illness, one girl was raped and killed ... Angels and cats on userpics ... Recent posts - someone skated; someone hung a picture of a tropical island and wrote that wants to be there; someone was glad that he would finally see his loved one tomorrow; they shared their happiness that an almost withered tree came to life ... In recent posts, friends shouted at them to call, go to ICQ, picked up the phone that they could not find them ... And they are already dead ... "

    Flamenca talks about mentally crazy Dutch she kindly calls Darling. Straight Prosper Merime. Again, a quote for the seed: "She was my neighbor. At first I just found her eccentric - by my arrival the whole stairwell was hung with pieces of paper with sickle and hammer and nesting dolls painted on them, as well as posters with polar bears and Michal Sergeich."

    And remember, in a long-standing "Review ..." I gave a link to photos of people who had fun with Lego's designer? Again, remember this Danish constructor. This time - lego-figures of heroes from famous films and cartoons. I wonder when Lego will release the figures of all KV journalists? Our readers will use them as a Voodoo doll.

    Hockey can already be considered our national fun, a gift that the Canadians came up with. But sometimes hockey turns into a Lynch court.

    I have a cat that constantly crap in various wrong places. What I just did! However, literally today I came across a wonderful note " On the punishment of animals ." I don’t know if the facts gleaned from this article will help me, but it’s worth taking note of them anyway. And to participate in the discussion, too.

    Well, the last number in our program today is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman . It will be interesting not only to fans and fans. Photos of a star couple in different years of their married life. From the very beginning and, as they say, to the end. With comments by the author of the blog and visitors.

    Your personal aggregator Alexey KHALETSKY
    Published in Computer News (No. 10, 2006)

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