Google in the race with Apple has patented touch control on the smartphone panel

Resource Patent Bolt discovered that Google has patented a technology that will allow you to control your smartphone using the back of the device, not the front. A simple invention will most likely be applied to new Android phones. The development describes the touch buttons that will be located on the back of the mobile device.

The back panel will serve as an additional tool for performing simple operations such as turning pages in a book, scrolling sites, skipping music or viewing photos. Typing, for example, will be quite difficult if you do not see the keyboard.

Undoubtedly, in order to print text or perform a specific action, you need to see what is happening on the screen. But for simple tasks, you can use the touch control on the rear panel as an additional function.

Interestingly, Apple filed a similar patent application back in 2006, but so far it has not released an iPhone or iPad with touch buttons on the rear panel. It remains unclear when such models based on the Android OS will enter the market.
Google states that this technology will be applicable to other devices. For example, for tablets, e-books, Chromebooks.

The original text of the document can be read here .

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