16-bit screensaver for "The Simpsons" from fans of the animated series

    “The Simpsons” is the most popular animated series of all time. The cartoon gained popularity thanks to the original plot, character drawing and a huge amount of humor, which helps to better perceive the problems that are considered in the cartoon.

    The army of fans of The Simpsons has millions of people, and there are animators among them. A team of specialists not related to the cartoon recently introduced its own version of the screen saver for the cartoon, made in the style of "pixel art". The graphics are 16-bit, the soundtrack is appropriate.

    The authors of the screen saver are Paul Robertson (author of the toy Scott Pilgrim), Ivan Dixon (Rubber House) + music from Jeremy Dower. It is worth noting that earlier the producers of the animated series invited third-party authors, including Banksy, to collaborate. Perhaps in the near future we will see a similar screensaver officially, in the next series of the cartoon.

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