Newsweek's Last Print Issue Released in the US

    Paper editions, even very old and reputable, are becoming less and less. Yes, and it is difficult for paper to compete with numbers in the case of newspapers, weeklies, and other types of news publications. Over the past few years, several very popular newspapers and magazines have completely gone online. They were now followed by the weekly Newsweek, the last print number of the publication called #lastprintissue on this occasion.

    Everything is logical - the cost of publishing a print magazine / newspaper is high, the number of advertisers willing to advertise in such publications is reduced. Accordingly, incomes are also declining. In contrast to this, the revenues of online versions of the same publications are growing, and the amount of "advertising" money that is currently spinning online, in general, breaks all records. Of course, all this leads to a significant reduction in the variety of print media. Part - it closes, unable to compete with more prudent rivals, part - reduces the circulation, the rest - completely go online.

    As for Newsweek, this weekly appeared in 1933, and during that time it became very famous. True, in 2010 Newsweek, the entire huge company, was sold for just $ 1, as the company received huge losses due to falling sales. The buyer was the publisher Sidney Harman (Sidney Harman).

    The affairs of the publication went smoothly only after the activation of the online division of Newsweek, which, in the end, became the main one. It seems that soon Newsweek will be followed by other newspapers and magazines, the printed versions of which are becoming less and less.

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