Why Michael Arrington and MG Siegler Defend Path

    As you know, recently, Michael Arrington and MG Siegler are not TechCrunch reporters, but partners and co-owners of the CrunchFund venture capital fund. At the same time, they remain popular bloggers and position themselves as “agents of influence”. If a startup takes them as a share, then it can count on a good press.

    This is a long-known business model. It used to be used by so-called “independent analysts,” who earned their living in much the same way, serving the interests of selected companies.

    Readers of English-language IT blogs have popcorn and are watching the skirmish (to put it mildly), which has unfolded among the most famous technobloggers in Silicon Valley. Best Read In Full Dan Lions Post“Hired killers, click-whores and paid apologists: welcome to the cesspool of Silicon Valley,” he very clearly and clearly describes the situation. Dan Lions is one of these tech-bloggers, among other things, known as the author of the Fake Steve Jobs diary .

    “It's hard to be a journalist, especially if you write about technology and live in Silicon Valley. It seems like everyone around you is becoming fabulously rich, while you are stuck with your work, which will never bring you money in your life. Worse, all these people around who are getting richer do not seem smarter at all than you, and in fact many of them do not impress talents at all. Of course, envy overcomes you, ”Dan Lions writes, explaining the reasons for the recent changes that have occurred with Michael Arrington and MG Siegler.

    Michael Arrington and MG Siegler not only write about startups they invest in, but with all the passion and professionalism they personally “destroy” those journalists who dare to speak out against one of the startups in their portfolio.

    This is exactly what happened a few days ago when the journalist of the NY Times newspaper Nick Bilton wrote a derogatory article about the crap startup Path, who was convicted of copying the phone books of users to a remote server ( description of the scandal on Habré ). Unfortunately, CrunchFund has a stake in Path startup.

    With personal attacks on Nick Bilton made first Michael Arrington , and then MG Siegler . And this despite the fact that before Michael Arrington praised Bilton's professionalism, gave him excellent characteristics and almost invited him to work at TechCrunch.

    Michael Arrington and MG Siegler accuse Bilton of unprofessionalism in the fact that he “beats the defenseless” - the CEO of Path, who publicly apologized and explained the reasons why Path copied the phone book. Of course, this was done without malicious intent, but only to facilitate the search for new friends and the convenience of working with the service. Michael Arrington and MG Siegler say that criticizing Path journalist Bilton showed his laziness, unwillingness to understand the topic, populism, desire to follow the crowd, thirst for sensation. Like, he just wanted to make a cheap sensation from scratch, generate "more clicks."

    According to Dan Lyons, these same epithets are best suited to Arrington and MG Siegler themselves, who have been repeatedly caught in the publication of unverified facts and sensational "ducks" (citedspecific examples ). In addition, the two had attacked other journalists before. The same MG Siegler advised Dan Lyons to retire , because he is too old and does not understand modern technology. He also attacked The Verge's Josh Topolsky on the basis of a debate about which is better: iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus.

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