BBC will remove 172 of its sites

    To reduce costs, the BBC is going to destroy 172 of its sites ( list on the XLS ). They will be deleted before the end of this year. The BBC Online division will be reduced by 360 people.

    It is not entirely clear why the BBC is going to destroy online content, because you can simply “freeze” sites, transfer them to the BBC archive and make the corresponding changes in the .htaccess redirects. But this method is not considered.

    As explained in the corporate blog, some information from deleted sites will still be saved, will be transferred to other sections. But only a small part of the data will be saved. Everything else will be saved only in the form of offline copies.

    For example, among those removed in 2011 is the People’s War project"Dedicated to the Second World War. Within the framework of this project, from June 2003 to January 2006, people sent about 47 thousand stories and 15 thousand photos from personal archives to the BBC. It’s good that the UK Web Archive has already archived this project. But what will happen to the rest of the sites?

    Apparently, in the case, the most important factor is the disk space on the servers, which the BBC does not want to waste. In the 70-80s, this media corporation became famous for the practice of reusing video cassettes, because of which many valuable records were lost, including several episodes of Doctor Who .

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