The process has begun. Openleaks replace Wikileaks

    Former Wikileaks employee Daniel Domsheit-Berg promises to launch the Openleaks site next week. Unlike Wikileaks, he is not going to publish materials on his own. He will provide materials to other organizations - the media, trade unions, etc. Openleaks should become an intermediary between informants and the press. Its main function is to protect the anonymity of the sources and serve as a single center for the drain of information. In addition, Domsheit-Berg and his associates are dissatisfied with the management style of Assange and his scandalous fame. They promise to make the site more distributed and sustainable both technically and organizationally.

    Even former colleagues reproach Assange that he rarely drained leaks in large pieces, specially selecting the most scandalous ones to promote properly. They promise that they will not artificially regulate the stuffing and edit them.

    I have mixed feelings about this news. On the one hand, they seem to correct the mistakes made by Assange, on the other hand, it is unclear, but how does this venture differ from anonymous file-washing? If they themselves are not going to edit the information, then everything interesting is very likely to drown in a stream of delirium and deliberate misinformation. No news agency will tinker with this and the project will die quietly. Of course, Assange can be reproached with artificial dramatization and window dressing, but if it had not been for this, they would not have talked so much about Wikileaks so loudly.

    And of course, do not forget about this option: Assange and the company played a tricky combination. He himself is now a hero and a martyr, the whole world knows about wikileaks, you can begin to work normally according to a more calm and prosaic scheme. However, it smells a lot like conspiracy theory, and it seems to me that they just broke up in a banal way, and now Assange's former comrades want their Wikileaks, with blackjack and whores. In any case, nobody will be worse off. The thing is good and necessary.

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