Microsoft replaces Windows Live Spaces with Wordpress

    Today, Microsoft announced that the already obsolete blogging platform Windows Live Spaces will go to the scrap, and it will be replaced by the WordPress platform, which will become the default option for bloggers working with Windows Live.

    Like many other companies, the software giant has already abandoned a number of unsuccessful products that have not become particularly popular. For example, the not-so-well-known Soapbox product (a service for posting videos) was recently closed - by the way, I never heard of it, plus users of the Windows Live Movie Maker service were given the opportunity to post information on Facebook or YouTube. In addition, users of the Windows Live Photo Gallery service were able to post their photos immediately on Facebook or Flickr.

    “At present, we have 30 million users who are actively working with the Windows Live Spaces service and are eagerly waiting to improve the platform and add new features for bloggers. For such users, Windows Live and worked together to create an easy way to seamlessly migrate from the old service to the new one. In addition to posts, comments, photos and other information will also be moved, ”said one of the initiators of this project, Dharmesh Mehta.

    The software company and announced a new feature at TechCrunch Disrupt. In particular, it was once again repeated that "this is a unique opportunity for users." In principle, it’s really good when users are given the opportunity to use what they want - but, of course, the opinion of those users who do not want any changes should be taken into account, being satisfied with the existing capabilities and functionality of the service.

    Microsoft has said that users can start the blog migration process today, and that Wordpress will become the default option when updating such a Windows Live Writer tool, which will follow a little later this fall. Users of the old service will be able to send update notifications to all their friends. For those who do not wish to leave Windows Live Spaces, there are not many options left. According to the same Dharmesh Mehta, such users can “download your content from the blog and migrate later if desired. Alternatively, you can simply erase your Windows Live Spaces account. ”

    These are the pies, the bloggers ...

    Via CNET

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