New banner ad formats

    Members of the American Publishers Association (OPA), the largest American media outlets with a combined audience of 108 million, have agreed to try out three new banner ad formats.
    • Fixed Panel (recommended width 336 pixels, height 860), which is organically fixed to the page layout, you need to scroll to view the entire banner.
    • XXL Box (recommended width 468, height 648) - a kind of multimedia window with tabs, pages and the ability to run video.
    • Pushdown (recommended width 970, height 418). This is the most interesting format. The wide and narrow horizontal banner at the top (like on the Habré) unfolds in height and “pushes” the rest of the content down. How it looks is shown in the screenshots under the habracat (GIJoe banner).

    Each of the sites included in the OPA association has undertaken to try at least one of the three new banners by July 1, 2009 at the latest. If the experiment is successful, then one of the formats may be approved by the OPA and included in the number of standard.

    via webware

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