Happy Blogday!

    To begin with, I congratulate us on the Day of Knowledge - this holiday applies to absolutely everyone, because the personal baggage of each of us is constantly increasing and we are evolving.

    Now about the blogger's day !
    Yesterday I asked some questions about this very young holiday to the participants of one respected community. The questions were as follows:
    1. What is your name?
    2. What blogs do you have?
    3. Did you know about the existence of the holiday?
    4. Will you celebrate it? How?
    5. What blogs do you visit most often?
    A certain number of answers were received, which I want to publish for you - I think it will be interesting to you, and the record will be useful for the story. Compare with the next year;)

    1. Vladimir Nikolaevich Korvatsky
    2. korvatsky.livejournal.com
    3. No.
    4. Yes. On www.m-it-ing.ru
    5. On those to which it is subscribed.

    1. Martha Ketro
    2. marta-ketro.livejournal.com
    3. For the first time I hear.
    4. Of course. I plan to parade along Tverskaya, waving a userpic.
    Write a post. Have a drink in the evening with friendly tape. Friend someone
    for a holiday.
    5. I visit those on livejournal, more precisely, I read my friend.

    1.Maxim Zakharov
    2. SOnoty: notes.sochi.org.ru
    Founds: blog.dataparksearch.org
    3. None.
    4. No.
    5. It’s hard to say for sure, I read a lot of blogs through Google Reader, the
    list can be viewed here: toodoo.ru/user/502/blogs

    1. Alexey Dolotov
    2. freeperson.livejournal.com
    www.liveinternet.ru/users/indian I
    ’ll open my personal soon at dolotov.com
    3. Yes. I read about it in RSS feeds six times
    4. No. Only if you suggest. :)
    5. The list? Very much. From popular: Slaughterhouse, Synods, O'Reilly Radar,
    Exler, Kolesnik, Man Brand

    1. Yana Daniels
    3. Yes
    4. No - a lot of work
    5. community.livejournal.com/en_energy, Guralyuk.org, banksregistry.com, apazhe.net, about a hundred bloggers inside a live journal (http: // iana. livejournal.com/friends)
    Happy Holidays

    1. Oleg Kozyrev
    2. oleg-kozyrev.livejournal.com
    3. No
    4. I will write a post in LiveJournal
    5. community.livejournal.com/en_politics/profile
    katyagordon .livejournal.com

    1. Vladimir Molodov
    2. Now I have a personal blog (molodov.livejournal.com) as a hobby and
    work - IQ-150 on live.cnews.ru. It is highly likely that in the fall season another blog will be added to them. Which one? While I will not say - all in the stage of
    negotiation :)
    3. Frankly no, but I was pleasantly surprised after reading about it on one of the news sites. Next year I’ll definitely correct myself;)
    4. As they say, there would only be a reason: In my opinion, such holidays are sucked out of my finger, so no large-scale festivities are planned. Although everything will be decided as always in the evening, depending on the mood :)
    5. Perhaps this is:

    Of course, there are many others, no less interesting, but for some reason they are not
    as memorable as the ones listed above.

    1. Alexey Kopylov .
    2. gui.ru/copylove as an author and fresh.gui.ru as an author and
    3. For the first time I hear.
    4. I haven’t felt it yet; next year I’ll note MB.
    5. A lot of blogs on my topic of interface design.

    1. Dmitry Logunov
    2. Rostov city blog :)
    3. Yesterday I heard on the Internet :)
    4. We will gather, of course - especially on Friday :)
    And officially it’s unlikely ...
    5. LiveJournal feeds, Li.ru etc.

    1. Denis Panin
    2. panin.livejournal.com
    3. no
    4. no
    5. friend-ribbon in livejournal

    1. Alexander Bulanov .
    2. salsaly4.blogspot.com
    3. Yes, since last year.
    4. No, I have enough holidays already;)
    5. I won’t say anything about “stopping by,” but I read:
    - sergeax.livejournal.com
    - sinodov.livejournal.com
    - www.seobaby.net
    - www.duralex.org/blog

    1 . Borodkin Alexei my name: 0)
    2. "Become the cat, become a circle» (http://buklamang.livejournal.com/) - all sorts of different creativity from me and not only.
    3. Knew, but successfully forgot. : 0) Approximately with the same success as in the case of the birthday of the Runet, the Internet and in general anyone else.
    4. Tomorrow we’ll note how we get out into the forest: there will be an occasion for a cunning fast, pah, toast.
    5. I go to famous blogs a little; Frankly, on a regular
    basis, I rarely where I go.

    But, if it’s interesting, here’s a couple of three blogs that I respect and
    try to look at:
    - Kind, familiar and gorgeous woman Bezoglyadova
    - Memoirs of Ivan Bezuglov, who lived in the middle of the twentieth century and made the
    war; published by his descendant. Great reading
    - Ivan Lukyanov, a terrific singer and just an interesting person

    Basically I read a friend-tape. And then someone will fall.

    1. Anton Popov
    2.'m blogs blogbook.ru and playbook.ru
    3. About the festival knew, and even prepared a button on the hand-banners - 4. blogbook.ru/2007/08/31/chastnaya-dyuzhina
    5. In the same the post mentioned 13 bloggers whom I read and respect.

    1. Pankratov Glory
    2. pankratov.org.ua/notes
    broadcast to:
    - slavapankratov.livejournal.com
    - itblogs.ru/blogs/pankratov/default.aspx

    Broadcast in it4business.livejournal.com
    3. Nope :)
    4. No way.
    5. itblogs.ru and from there through RSS I read almost all the
    IT people visible on the network . Especially look sorlik.blogspot.com

    1. His name: Zhilin Sergey
    2. Blog: readmymind.ru
    3. The existence of the feast learned yesterday from one of the bloggers who have subscribed.
    4. I will celebrate, but with a delay.
    5. More often I go to blogs on my topic, this is making money on the Web and everything that concerns it.

    It turned out that not a lot of people know about the existence of BlogDay so far, and all the more so, they are not ready to answer it noisily and massively. But this does not prevent to achieve the mood of the holiday next time and start celebrating it properly! ;)

    Dear friends, habraly people and Twitter comrades, the poll was, unfortunately, possible only in one of the communities, because all plans (including the timely publication of this post) were foiled by a power outage - I apologize wildly for the overlay.

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