With a bad blog do not hire

    Professional recruiters and headhunters have long used the Internet to find suitable employees. Now the blogosphere has fallen into the field of vision of even ordinary recruitment managers. A mid-level human resources officer might well check your blog before inviting you to work. This practice is becoming the standard. This is understandable, because the blog allows you to find out all the ins and outs about the candidate: his intelligence, literacy, education, sociability and other social qualities.

    For example, in America, even a regular store manager scans candidate blogsbefore hiring. And he is not the only one. Moreover, now specialized Internet headhunters have appeared who are engaged in the study of the blogosphere. Basically, such headhunters are looking for candidates in the field of IT and media, since these characters have their own blogs almost 100%.

    Quite often there are situations when a future employer (or an employee of the personnel department) is a reader of a blog. Naturally, he knows the personality of the author well and when a suitable vacancy appears, he will be only too happy to invite him to work. The WSJ article provides several such examples.

    Recruiters disagree on whether a blogger should directly write in his profile that he needs a job. It is believed that this could scare off a potential employer, as a girl is frightened by a guy who wants her on a first date too much.

    To people who are not keen on starting their own blog, experts say that they will “google” you anyway, so if you wish, they will compile a dossier. What information will be in it is completely independent of you. What they find they will find. But if you start your blog, then it will be the first place where an interested person will look. This is the information you control. Therefore, to start a blog is for your own purposes, if you do not want to collect information about you throughout the garbageNetworks. Keep in mind that in our time not a single serious matter is done with a person until he is "struck by Yandex."

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