Blog Review # 26

    After a long summer-autumn vacation, blogs return to the delicate, smelling of printing ink pages of the best newspaper in the universe. The heading has changed, the concept has changed, and only my favorite author A. Khaletsky not replaced, but continues with increased enthusiasm to carry the rational, good, eternal to the masses. The masses joyfully jabber and throw bonnets into the air. Yes, I love you all too, less, of course, than Christopher, Malyzhenkov, Bardiyan, Gayko, Oakli and Poznyak, but still. After love, they usually smoke and drink coffee, and we will see what happens in the world of blogs.

    Our monster portal, which will soon become a universal Tao and will absorb in itself the whole perceived real world, has taken up blogs. Last week, some lucky ones, including myself, managed to go and see a rubricator and even several registered blogs there. Now at this address you will be asked for authorization and they will get an error 401. Apparently, the service itself is still being tested. But, for example, at can already read the “Blog about blogs” and see how the new Tutbaev service will look like. Although, if you saw Wordpress, you can assume that the blogs on have seen. Because they decided not to especially show off writing their own engine for blogs, but they took it proven and free. More precisely, it is free for ordinary users, probably had to pay for a multi-user license. The only thing that upsets me in this whole story is that “Tut” started blogging late. Although the lag by more than six months from Rambler and for Belarus cannot be considered so big. Regular visitors to forums and mail users are likely to taste the new service. After all, they do not have enough time to understand livejournal and, especially, stand-alone blogs. But serious bloggers are unlikely to use, even despite WordPress. After all, it’s the same as registering for after gmail. Although, only time will tell if I'm right.

    Almost simultaneously with, our other monster, Akavita, drew attention to blogs. Probably, Akavite was tired of envying Google and Yandex, and therefore earned a search on Belarusian forums and blogs . As stated on the pageservice, search is carried out on Belarusian blogs in the systems,,,, as well as numerous Belarusian forums. It remains unclear how the Belarusianness of the blog is determined, for example, on, as well as how the officially disabled list got into this list. Most likely, and Akavita are working closely. Most likely, even financed the creation of a search on Belarusian blogs, which is understandable in connection with the appearance of its own blogging service. Naturally, I immediately did a search by my last name. Akavita issued 8 blogs versus 37 on Google and 86 on Yandex. True, Akavita honestly chose only Belarusian resources. So let us wish good luck to such a good undertaking, especially since it promises to constantly improve itself.

    And on Yandex, the blog search page has been updated. Now it is a powerful Russian-language statistical resource. Firstly, the so-called “Tag Cloud” or, in the interpretation of Yandex, “Popular Categories” appeared. We are shown a list of the most popular categories that blog authors set for their posts. The more they wrote on this topic, the bigger and fatter the name of the category. True, we will not see any revelations there, the fattest inscriptions are photos, music and humor. I’ll only add that the list is calculated in the last 24 hours. Another more interesting, in my opinion, list is the popular recordings. According to Yandex, this is “a list of entries that bloggers are most interested in in the last 24 hours. It is automatically determined based on the number of links to the entry among other bloggers, the number of comments, the credibility of the blogger, as well as other parameters. " will find not only the ranking of blogs, but also the opportunity to check the place of your blog. Yandex claims that “the rating is based on credibility - an integral indicator based on how often other bloggers link to the blog in question, who it refers to, the number of blog comments, the number of blog readers we know, and other data about the blog and its position in the blogosphere. " My blog constantly hangs around the ten thousandth place, dropping and rising to three thousand positions every day. By the way, now you can put yourself the Yandex buttons, which show your place in the ranking and the number of entries that link to you. All for narcissism! These are not all the additions on Yandex, but the rest does not deserve a place on the pages of KV. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the innovations.

    And at this time ...

    ... the creator of LiveJournal comes to Russia, according to Brad Fitzpatrick, the founder of the popular blogging service, was supposed to come to Moscow from October 17 to 23, 2006. On his blog, Fitzpatrick asked Russian LiveJournal users for advice on what sights he should visit. The creator of LJ was advised to visit various places, ranging from fast foods in the center of Moscow to the largest museums. The Russians did not miss the opportunity to play a joke on Fitzpatrick and stated that bears and skinheads walked the streets of the capital, and the entire police were recruited by criminal groups without exception.

    ... on Sunday’s broadcast (October 15) of Vesti TV channel, a new program has appeared. Well-known blogger radio host Alexander Plyushchev will run a program called Alexander has already announced the start of a new project in his LJ. Alexander described the transfer in more detail in an interview with .

    ... The Christian News Digest reports that the Lord’s American Reform Church considers blogging a sin along with child alcoholism and loving relationships among teens. Here’s an eloquent quote: “ Blogging often raises the user's mood and makes a person think that someone’s opinion is interesting - whereas in fact, all this is meaningless chatter"True, not all blogs are considered sinful, but only those run by laypeople and laymen. The rest of the bloggers should maintain communication in the" old-fashioned "ways. I wonder who will determine the professionalism of the blog?

    ... a blogger known as LiveJournal has published a book. This it would be a common event if this book did not consist entirely of notes that twilight had left in his LiveJournal for two years. Of course, the notes weren’t about what the blogger ate for breakfast, but rather artistic ones. Nathaniel’s book is exactly such a name you will be looking at the book bazaars. Maybe time for me to publish the book? It is a pity that it it will have to first write.

    ... group "B-2", was released in early October, the new album "Moloko", opened the Russian-language blog moloko, completely dedicated to the freshly baked disk, which I learned about on the site Moreover, the musicians are using Internet services with all their might, so everyone can download new music videos from the group from MySpace . I wish our pop stars learned to use computers! The last sentence does not apply to J-Morse and domestic electronic engineers who have long been using all the charms of virtual civilization. By the way, a good topic for one of the following articles is a review of blogs of famous people of Belarus.

    ... a 14-year-old American schoolgirl was interrogated with bias by two employees of the US Secret Service, after it turned out that the girl was calling for the assassination of President George W. Bush from the pages of her diary, reports Naturally, the girl simply showed teenage maximalism and protested against the war in Iraq. However, this is not considered extenuating circumstances and the girl was interrogated for 15 minutes, bringing her to tears. Do you also think that the Americans have nothing to do?

    Today I consider my mission completed, write letters, read blogs, love hamsters.

    Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 42, 2006)

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