Blog Review # 18

    • About xenophobia and anti-Semitism
    • Crack elevator
    • Web 3.0
    • How to professionally photograph female buttocks
    • Female body notes
    • and much more...

    Those who seriously and sincerely strive for spiritual development are not recommended: eat meat, fish and eggs; use intoxicants; gamble and engage in money fraud; engage in sexual relations outside of marriage (and in marriage - only for the conception of children); blogging and reading ... What kind of spiritual development is this without blogs? I just want to be a little graded. Are you with me

    So I’m always telling you what you should write about blogs and what not. But my opinion is just my opinion, we should look at the entire range. Here is a girl Nastasya reflects on what you can write in LJ . As a result, it turns out that you can’t write about anything at all. Let me quote myself: "As soon as you exhaled after the battle about raising children and wrote something there about history there is no need to relax. According to history, experts are all at all. Mark all read, have their opinion and, of course, but it is only right . "

    Remember, once upon a time, in the last year, I told you about the whole investigation of the appearance of the song" City of Gold "? Well, now I offer you’ll read something similar, only this time about the “folk” Jewish song “ Hava Nagila .” The link contains not only the history of creation, but also the Hebrew text, as well as a large collection of re-singings of this song by various artists from Kobzon to Psoy Korolenko .

    Useful for all webmasters article the author wrote b ord It is called " the CSS We print with style"and talks about how to use CSS to print your site. Why create separate pages for printing and how CSS will help us are the main topics of the article. I liked it. Oh, if I were already versed in CSS.

    Manic continues the programming topic Weblog: It talks about the exchange of variable values in the Python programming language. If I don’t understand CSS, I only know about Python that it was used in Civilization IV. As you can see, as always, I’m not up to date. In general, the text is small and devoted to code optimization. lovers of “python.”

    After “Hawa Nagila,” it would be logical to reflect on xenophobia and anti-Semitism . On this topic, leteha shares his thoughts out loud. For example, this statement: “Russia has an extremely low level of anti-Semitism. Even at the household level. Many people can buzz in the kitchen that “the Jews have filled everything”. Nevertheless, respect for Aaron abstract surgeon Shpenrelsonu this anti-Semitism is killing in the bud , "In many respects controversial article, but in fact this is the most raisins.!

    The Domain the blog, as it is surprising, writes about the domains in this case. - entertaining statistics on the process of domain interception in the In addition, it is reported that this year the registration of Russian-language domains will be launched in this zone.

    Horoscope does not publish horoscopes, but chief ed. He has already ordered the release of an app called KV-Glamor, in which, among the weather forecast, photos of Paris Hilton and cute pink telephones, there will be horoscopes. In the meantime, I recommend reading a short story, " When they distributed tolerance ... ". Tolerance was handed out to the zodiac signs and each received a special one. And the little bodies decide in any way! We are the salt of the earth!

    Some visitors to our forums believe that all this fuss with blogs is the essence of stupid burning of time. I argue with them, they are with me, but nothing changes. The following link is an argument in favor of my opponents. There is not much text there, but immediately there is a feeling that the authors of the blogs work as akyns - that I see, I sing. And when the statements begin: "Switching to summer and winter time is stupid , "I want to turn off the light.

    And the following link will be a terrible warning to all lovers of pirated software . Especially those who use the" mule ", better known as e-mul. The girl tells how they downloaded in their company through this network, the film received a warning from the provider, which, in turn, was complained of by the copyright holders. So watch yourself, be careful! The

    blog with the commercial title SellMe asks the question: “ What, in fact, write in the resume?". I think I won’t tell you America if I say that blogs help a lot to get a job. The right beautiful blog is a kind of extended version of the resume. The author of this text supplements blogs with other useful features. The meaning of the article: resume is already the last century Quote: " A guy from a rival firm asked me if I could expect to someday be able to work for them. Then he asked for my resume. I said that I do not want a job that needs a resume . "

    Another example of the American legal system. On the one hand, it is absurd, and on the other hand (the author of the note), such a system is not only necessary, but in some cases will help to avoid serious Crimes I don’t know, and yet human stupidity is limitless.

    Well, the blog continues to engage in hacking life. This time, the author tells us about the possibility of breaking the elevator . The tips in this article will come in handy for those who use elevators that stop on even or odd floors. When are the refrigerators already hacking so that there are an infinite number of bugs?

    Wonderful cartoons from the New Crocodile . I especially liked the portfolio of Sergei Bezrukov. He is there in the image of Alexandra Pakhmutova, and Leo Tolstoy, and Marina Tsvetaeva, etc. etc. Drew on the Earring in full. In addition, the funny picture "An attempt on Petrosyan during a speech in front of the winders of a winding factory." And the poster of the film “9th Turkish Watch” lights up with might and main.

    In every review, I never tire of mentioning web 2.0 in vain. It seems like this has become some kind of new religion, right? Tell me about her. Will she save the world? Will humanity reach transcendental nirvana (this type of oil is like butter)? And defann's place went a step further and is already writing notes called web 3.0 . Of course, you must be ahead of the rest! In general, the article is interesting, a few more bricks to understand why the web is out of date one point zero.

    Well, how can my review do without erotica (if not pornography, oh ...)? You then have nothing to discuss on the forum, you are my critical. Although, the following link will actually be of interest, first of all, to photographers. After all, the message tells and shows how to professionally photograph female buttocks. And the model itself wrote this text. Honestly, I do not envy her, because it is very hard work to be a pop-model.

    It turns out that there is a whole Bowing (I hope you don’t need to tell who David Bowie is?). You can read a lot of interesting things: for example, Bowie and People . I don’t feel like telling anything, just go in and get the aesthetic pleasure of reading, even if you are not a fan of Comrade David. And do not forget to click on the label “Bowie”, you will learn many interesting facts. For example, about the stay of David in 1973 in the USSR.

    Female body noteswill amuse any man. We find the body at such a moment when various physical exercises are planned, diet - in general, would lose weight. Red thread through the entire text passes the body's hatred of the brain. Something it all reminds me of the male body after too much libation.

    On this review is considered fully completed. I am starting to gather information for the next.

    Browser Leshka KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 13, 2006)

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