State Duma deputy decided to teach online boors

    LJ user v_alksnis , who is probably State Duma deputy Viktor Alksnis, intends to fight rudeness on the Internet. The representative of the authorities is going to arrange a "show trial": to prosecute the user tarlith for the insult inflicted on him, Alksnis. V_alksnis clarified that the status is equivalent to civil servants of category “A”, and intends to fully receive satisfaction under Article 319 of the Criminal Code “Insulting a representative of the authorities” (inflicted in the line of duty).

    “I have already prepared a draft appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation on this issue,” the deputy’s blog said, “and I have no doubt that progress will be made.” At the same time, Alksnis does not want to limit himself to just compensation for hurt dignity. He aims to clean up the Internet and is now looking for like-minded people willing to "take part in the development of a special bill."

    The elite of the LiveJournal community did not ignore the incident. The well-known businessman Alexander Lebedev, the deputy also did not support his colleague, saying that the prosecutor’s office “is, nevertheless, a bust”. “There is free space. Everyone understands and uses this freedom to the extent of his depravity, ”Lebedev noted. “If we start dragging the prosecutor’s office and the courts here, that’s all over, it will be an inanimate magazine.”

    Anton Nosik, who holds the post of head of the blogging service at Soup, believes that this story has "the first serious provocation to attract Russian security forces to conduct political investigation in LJ." He doubts that Alksnis himself writes in the diary - PR members of the deputy “together with colleagues from the FEP” can “indulge” in this way. "It’s much worse," according to Nosik, "if the initiative actually comes from the bodies that want to set a precedent and run the procedure."

    However, the participation of Viktor Alksnis in the project "Internet community - against Internet boors" is still indirectly confirmed. The deputy is invited as an experttomorrow for the shooting of the Political Cocktail with Philip Leontyev program, aired on 02TV. LJ user tarlith, historian Timothy Shevyakov, was chosen as his opponent.

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