Signs that you are too keen on blogging

    Recently, one of the most famous bloggers on the Internet, Michael Arrington, went on a two-month vacation . As he himself said, the cause was banal fatigue. Arrington is planning to spend his Christmas holidays at his parent's house and go skiing. Here is a great example for many other bloggers who give their hobby the last effort.

    Life in the blogosphere is extremely addictive, time-consuming, exhausting morally and physically. Darren Rose, author of Problogger , knows this like no other. Today, he published a list of eight signs of excessive enthusiasm for blogging . If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should probably think about a vacation too. Although used for a few days, or even a month or two.

    Tired of blogging?  Take a vacation!

    1. The first sign of excessive blogging is if you have a shortage of topics , mental blockage. You stupidly look at a blank screen for an hour and are not able to squeeze out a single line. If there is nothing to say, it is better not to say anything.

    2. If you want to write about everything around you on your blog. You look at the events around as potential topics for a blog post. This is the flip side of mental blockage, but equally symptomatic. You start thinking about your blog during breakfast, even a conversation with your wife becomes an occasion for publication. If this happened to you, then maybe it’s better to take your mind off blogging and take up a little ordinary life.

    3. If blogging interferes with family life. It would seem that this is obvious, but, oddly enough, there are many people whose family life came close to disaster precisely because of blogging.

    4. If you have unrealistic dreams . This is one of the problems of the blogosphere: it gives rise to its “slaves” absolutely fantastic expectations about how blogging can change their lives. Constantly there are all new characters who strive to become "professional" bloggers.

    5. If blogging is harmful to health . Sometimes the body itself gives unambiguous signals that you are overly carried away. Eyes stick on his forehead and blush, so that even the "vizin" ceases to help. The back hurts, the neck becomes numb, a constant noise in the head is a warning that the body sends.

    6. If you are attracted to the blog on the weekend , this already indicates a clear addiction. If you can’t allow a day without updating the blog, then write a message in advance, and relax yourself on the weekend.

    7. If you are drawn during the holidays . There are bloggers who can’t even stop on vacation. In a foreign city, in a resort, they are looking for a hot spot or an Internet cafe, as an addict is looking for a dose.

    8. If sleep is disturbed . Some bloggers prefer graphomania at night when normal people sleep. Of course, this adversely affects the activity of the brain. Maybe it's better to go to bed, but in a dream new ideas will come to mind.

    Of course, the symptoms listed by Darren Rose are far from a complete list. For example, the famous blogger Robert Scoble instantly reacted with an “appendix” of his own composition of eight additional points .

    By the way, one of the hallmarks of Scoble’s addiction is when a blogger publishes blogging posts. This is right to the point.

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