How to survive on Lira. A short guide for those over 30

    The first part of the post "How to survive on Lira. A short guide for those over 30 "I published last November. Posting summarized the one-year experience of an active stay on LiveInternet and recommendations to people of a more or less older age regarding how to behave on this rather youthful resource. After a couple of weeks, the link to the material was given by the blog owner in his post about alternatives to LiveJournal. A few days later, his post appeared on Habré. In the next couple of days, two and a half thousand people passed through my larid sandbox.

    In general, I did not expect that such sufficiently accordion material would be so useful to those who are still far from 30. They still quote on Lira. After this material, I made a few more postings. What goes below is the resulting material, which may turn out to be interesting to the people of Habra.

    “How to survive on Lira. A short guide for those over 30. " Summary posting

    This posting is the final of this series. More (at least this year) I'm not going to write on this topic.

    What is the dry residue? What is still the main thing in successful blogging on Lira?

    Still, the main thing is to understand why you are here. I would single out several options lying between “yes, I don’t know, I decided to keep a diary ...” and “I will become a mega-blogger and I’ll live with it.” At the same time, consciously or not, people search the network for two things: communication and information. Let's start with the information, because communication is more about motivation.

    The bad news. If you are looking for interesting and useful information, then the Lira blogosphere is not a place where you can quickly find what you are looking for. Why? Because:

    1. The blogosphere is basically a poorly structured area of ​​the network, supersaturated with:
    - local information (the details of how someone spent the weekend, I think, will not be very interesting);
    - “reprints” from news sites losing their value very quickly;
    - incompetent opinions;
    - unverified information;
    - profanity.

    If we consider the quality of blogosphere information, it is much lower than what is published on network portals, not to mention "hard" publications.

    You can find a pro here, and there is also quality information, but it is extremely difficult due to the imperfection of navigation around the blogosphere. Tags and other features of Web 2.0 work in a very peculiar way (if anything - be careful when marking your text with these tags). If you need information and competent advice, then it is better to go to the forums of thematic sites. Say for MMORPG (Everquest 2) I have not found any good blogs and online gamers are grouped mainly on specialized sites. Another interesting fact is that among my Sogildians (more than 50 people) no one regularly engages in blogs. The fact is indicative.

    In order to navigate and find blogs worth considering, I recommend subscribing to the communities Interesting_Blogs and Golden_Blogs

    2. The Lira segment is aimed at young people and popular topics among young users:
    - popular music, films, cinema;
    - the life of the "stars";
    - the life of youth (schools, institutes, days, unhappy love, loss of virginity, hereinafter referred to as the list);
    - obscure for those “over 30” youth subcultures (emo, goths, etc.);

    3. The design of Lira's main pages is more tailored to media content (photos, videos, music, etc.) than as a search engine (although there are also these elements). Details on this are described in the first part of the Quick Start Guide.

    Now regarding communication.

    If you belong to the category of ordinary users, “casuals” who just want to have a warm company for communication and you are not concerned about popularity, then, in principle, a good place. 30-40 people for a pleasant pastime you will find here without any problems. Use the tips in the first part of this guide. Guaranteed you will have your own in this environment.

    As a free network site where you can post the fruits of your creativity or just life notes - the Lira platform is also a suitable place. The interface is more convenient than on the same LJ and you can upload everything you want here without any restrictions. No need to pay for hosting and website development, and gaining an audience here is also easier than untwisting a stand-alone site.

    If you have far-reaching plans for the blogosphere, then be prepared for hard work and many not too pleasant moments.

    In addition to the ability to make interesting posts, it is necessary to master the difficult art of PR. It’s not easy, because it’s a delicate matter and setting yourself the goal of getting into the blogosphere elite, you will certainly come across local authorities with experience. I can’t say that the competition here is big, but some of the top experts are toothy guys. They can bite slightly if you behave in a wrong way.

    In addition, you definitely need to learn how to read statistics. This will give you an idea of ​​where and why it comes to your site. It will also give you an understanding of who comes to you and how to behave with him / her. Do not neglect this powerful tool.

    Be prepared for the fact that your successful postings will steal. “Black copy-paste” is a massive phenomenon and not yet punishable. Be prepared for the fact that trolls will come to you from time to time and score trades for postings with outright insults.

    The last thing to do here is not recommended (based on personal experience).

    1. Do not remember the name of the blogger in vain: One unsuccessful sentence or phrase - and this blogger’s FC (friends) will come running to you to kick for “bad” behavior (even if you behaved well). and a couple of times deserved), ...

    2. Do not meddle in other people's dismantling. special permanently in the top blogs. They still pomiryatsya, and you'll have a reputation and fleymera flooder.

    3. Do not strive to gain popularity by any available methods. At one time I read articles about bloggers who caught two or three thousand on a blog in just a couple of months. You can also do this without any problems, for this you do not even need to be able to write interestingly. The question is - who will your audience be? A crowd trampling a blog with stupid comments or someone more sensible. Be patient.

    Actually everything. The previous parts of this survival guide can be found at the following links:

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