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    In the comments to the previous post of the blog “Orthodox Christianity on the Internet”, the idea arose to create a social network of Orthodox topics.
    This is a very interesting idea. Moreover, I-nete has a lot of active blogs with Orthodox themes, and they are sometimes interesting not only to a narrow circle of believers. This is me to the fact that the Orthodox community is quite active in the vast I-neta. But oddly enough, I have never met reviews dedicated specifically to the Orthodox blogosphere.
    Today I would like to introduce the venerable audience to some Orthodox blogs, maybe for some it will be the discovery of a new planet. Or maybe even a review of the Orthodox blogosphere may appear :)
    Orthodox blogs on LiveJournal:
    1) community.livejournal.com/pravoslav_ru- this is a whole community of bloggers "Pravoslavie_ru"
    2) pr-daniil.livejournal.com is a popular blog of one of the active Orthodox priests;
    3) dmitrijpakhomov.livejournal.com - this blog is probably one of the most active Orthodox bloggers;
    Orthodox blogs on Mail.ru:
    4) blogs.mail.ru/mail/podosinkina - this is one of the active Orthodox blogs on Mail.ru;
    5) blogs.mail.ru/community/orthodox is an Orthodox community of blogs on Mail.ru;
    Orthodox blogs are even on Yahoo! 360:
    6) blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-uZ.B6YIherBS6LmQ7fB5ClKTn4QSSyXN8Q--?cq=1- for example, this blog of a very active Bulgarian priest.

    I'd love to hear your comments ...

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