Blog Review # 50. A year and a half from life

    Blog Review # 50

    353479 characters with spaces, 37907 words, 4111 lines, 1079 paragraphs ... And how many links? How many blogs have been fortunate enough to visit the holy pages of KV? How many people commented on the news? How much did you read? And this is just the beginning.

    Apart from the fact that the last issue of the best Scandinavian newspaper “Computer News” was the 666th, today is generally the main holiday of the year! How will we celebrate the anniversary? Chief editor He suggested skiing in Silichy, but for some reason I don’t really want to go skiing in the summer. Oakley insisted on holding a large-scale press conference, and Christopher wanted to hold a music festival with at least Massive Attack and other Depeche Mode. But I will modestly drink a glass of kefir and indulge in memories.

    Very first reviewappeared in KV on November 10, 2005. It all started with the fact that I gave links only to the original articles of the authors of the blogs and a brief description of them, a kind of review. With some changes, a similar approach has survived to this day. The emphasis was on stand-alone blogs, but with each issue of the reviews I began to realize that there weren’t so many interesting blogs, so I had to look for blog services like livejournal, blogspot,, and so on and so forth. I admit that initially I was neglecting all blogging services. I thought that a separate blog on a personal domain and purchased hosting by default would be better than the same, but somewhere in LJ. Later it became clear that content is important in blogs. That is, no one needs a design, interface and other fashionable pribluds if the blog is uninteresting. So when you have something to say to the world - do not bother with the technical and comparative characteristics of blog engines. Start your diary on any service you know and start enslaving the world.

    There was a feeling that my reviews are not much different from the Hot Links section. Moreover, there were matches of links. That is why I wanted to add more "gag" to the text, the author. Still, blogs are such an informal way of expressing oneself, and if you make the reviews as serious as possible, the charm will disappear. And the idea of ​​doing reviews came naturally. I absolutely did not like the reviews that I read: when a link is given and five words of description. I wanted it, and I always tried and will try to ensure that the reviews are completely self-sufficient. So that the reader enjoys reading, and the usefulness or interest of links is only a pleasant addition to the text.

    Of course, for 50 issues there were also funny moments. For example, a story about a minerwhen my sense of humor misfired. Or trying to guide me on the right path and beg me to stop browsing blogs . Constant confusion with the numbers of the reviews, when after the 17th the 15th or two times in a row the 8th and 11th came out. There were several times the invasion of prudes and pleasant delights to me about my return . Yes, I remember everything, I read all the comments and get inspired for new achievements from your feedback, letters. And it doesn’t matter - they are positive or negative, most importantly - they are!

    A separate paragraph is worth mentioning letters from readers. Yes, they write, ask, are interested. A blog hotline periodically appears when I answer your questions almost live. But the funniest letters from those who want to get to the pages of the newspaper, that is, that their blog is in the review. Naturally, these are novice authors who think that writing me a letter is almost a 100% condition for getting into the review. If you don’t even take into account that they are mainly talking to you, and the letter looks something like this: “Hello dude, come on about my blog in the newspaper!” (respected editor, do not correct errors). Attention! By writing me a letter with such a request, even without errors and not for you, you get a 100% chance that your blog will never get into blog reviews. All the blogs and links I review, using only the internal random number generator (and random letters, if I can’t coagulate someone else’s text), and such letters upset me and bring down concentration. In my blog (the link to which is always at the end of the article), I periodically conduct polls for my articles and always publish interesting answers and links to respondents. Here is a great way to get into the review! And to beg, especially with such boorish frenzy, I advise only “Rollton” from the saleswoman in a lump. Send links to other people's blogs you like, you can with your own comments. I read these letters with pleasure and always answer. Letters in verses will also be included in the “favorite” folder, especially if the verses imitate the Twisted or the Northerner. I like talking to readers, So I met many interesting people in absentia. And how pleasant it was to hear from the audience: “Our hamster” at the award ceremony for the best content projects. There are several small ideas and one global on the further development of the “Reviews”. But just as blogs are dead without readers and comments, so these reviews periodically require a stop, rethinking.

    So, last summer after the 25th review, I took indefinite leave and did not publish reviews. Sometimes you get the feeling that I’m always printing the same thing, so over time I got the desire to take mini-interviews with people who are related to blogs or blogging services. Yes, there are just a huge number of blogs now, but really interesting diaries where people show themselves, their wrong side, their talent - less than a percent of the total. And I have to, as a scavenger in rubber boots, make my way across the ocean of shit to islands of talent. Yes, yes, I completely agree with you that I actually have not yet earned any authority to listen to me, read and find my advice useful. Yes, this is all true. I just have a taste and a wonderful syllable that gets a gloss after adjusting Larisa Mintel. And also Sergey Poznyak, who patiently keeps a place in the room for each review and does not swear when I again deceive him with the deadlines, and who cries out to me: “Nobody needs these reviews! This is great text for toilet paper! ” says tiredly: “I’ve been working in the newspaper for 13 years ... It’s practically impossible to change anything in my work in order to feel like in a new business. In the struggle for content, I find diversity. Like a vampire, I feed on someone else's energy. Eternal themes and forms do not exist. And all KV-shny centenarians had to die long ago. Many died. One thing remains the same - information. So interests and formats are a thing that cannot be preserved. I think you need to do exactly what is interesting ... ”But I’m all interested in it! I am interested in people, it is interesting to read their thoughts, especially if they are the exact opposite of mine. And I’m interested in introducing you to these people. And, thank God, we all have a choice: you have to read or not read, and I have to write or not read.


    I read blog reviews ... ... there you can learn more about the pink pasta and the right pasta for the blog, plus me the Pada’s style, I don’t have the Pada’s, because the blog’s review is not for skin “No.” Eryk kontrabaser
    ... because you don’t always have time to read your RSS feed, but in the review all the most important is already written! I read constantly! Alexey Skaloban
    ... because for me this is one of the sources that helps to "draw" a map of the blogosphere, tells you which journey to take today. There are more than enough such “guides” on the Internet, but the “KV” review is a fairly objective view of the blogosphere from Belarus. The author of the review, in general, copes with its task, but it would not hurt to add to the list of its links (without commentary) a list of interesting blogs and posts sent by readers and previously moderated by Mr. Khaletsky. As the saying goes, two eyes are good ... Jusier ury_smirnov
    ... because I read the whole newspaper from cover to cover and review blogs, in my opinion, so the topic! Zhuzher macsim_by
    ... because it’s often funny, smart and informative in terms of startups, which, it turns out, are well known to everyone except me. Dmitry Bardiyan
    ... because, firstly, I am obliged to do this, and secondly, I like to do this. Sergey Poznyak ... because they force. Open on the right page, pop under your nose and say: "On, be proud!". Future wife
    I do not read blog reviews ... ... because I took care of my brain from information noise - it became very loud. My interests are too specific for reviews to catch me, even if by accident, although there was a thing, I looked through the diagonal, and sometimes it was fun. JUser b_twisted
    ... because I have my own blog review every day. Zhuzher lekka
    ... because the fourth week on a business trip to Russia and the forces remain only to read SMS from home and business letters. Dmitry Bardiyan ... because Alexei Khaletsky does not send them. Creative crises sometimes occur in him, you see. Sergey Poznyak

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