NGINX received an investment of another $ 20 million

    Company NGINX , known for its ultra-fast web server Nginx , has successfully completed another round of venture capital investment, which was obtained $ 20 million. Investors were, Runa Capital, Index Ventures, and Nginx CEO Gus Robertson. The company plans to spend money on product development, expanding its community, marketing and geographic expansion outside the United States.

    Company blogGus Robertson wrote: “NGINX is the new standard for high-speed web applications. An amazing opportunity is open for us to become partners of companies of any size - from small startups to media giants. More and more companies are switching to Nginx every day. The investments received will help all these companies provide their users with services at the level of the largest market players. ” In the previous round of investments in October 2013, the company managed to get $ 10 million.

    Nginx server is installed on 20% of the million most visited sites on the Internet. Among the 10,000 most popular sites, Nginx holds a 40% share. A little over a year ago, the company launched a commercial service., which provides support to server users, and already has 250 clients. The cost of an annual subscription at the base support tariff is $ 1350.

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