The "grandfather" of RSS readers stops working

    Starting October 1, 2010, Bloglines RSS Aggregator has been discontinued. A message about this appeared on the main page of the site today. All users are encouraged to export their feeds to an OPML file and migrate somewhere.

    Bloglines was one of the first web-based aggregators on the Internet, before it had to use desktop programs. It began operations in June 2003 and became the benchmark for all such systems in the future. In 2004, Bloglines became one of the 50 top Internet sites according to Time magazine, and in 2005 it was recognized as the best search engine for blogs by Search Engine Watch, and in the same year it became one of the most innovative Internet sites according to BusinessWeek.

    However, the sunset of Bloglines began immediately after the release of the alternative Google Reader RSS aggregator (this happened on October 7, 2005), which worked much more reliably, almost did not fail, and updated feeds better. Suffering from technical malfunctions to date, Bloglines still decided to end the torment of users. As the developers say , "it was a difficult decision, especially considering our loyal, responsive and, of course, patient audience."

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