Alternative report with i-Сommunity2009

    Yesterday in Moscow, the i-Сommunity2009 conference was held. All who could not come - bite your elbows. At least you have not heard Katy Gordon’s impressive report that social networks are disgusting, you haven’t seen the gallant black hat of singer Elena Kauffman and you haven’t tasted delicious chocolate chip cookies with a nut in the middle. And I was. I heard, photographed, tried. In addition, during the conference he tried to broadcast live on his Twitter . From there I bring to your attention an alternative official report on this memorable day.

    Went to i-community2009. I will sometimes pee from there. Conference program:

    Received a badge ...

    I stand on the section "Current Trends in Social Networks". Most of the people here.

    And not far from me is Katya Gordon. And no one gives way to a star :(

    Ekaterina Artyugina from just informed about the livehh network. She spoke clearly.

    Katya Gordon is already sitting! Grebennikov brought her a chair and put her to the speakers. I’m waiting for Katya’s report :)

    I don’t understand ... Dolgin talks about Is imhonet just monotonous or also boring?

    “Internet killer” speaks Katya Gordon: The social network is disgusting

    Katya is frightened not only by replacing the real with virtual, but ... (further unclear)

    Comment from the audience: Programmer is not a profession, but

    Dolgin’s diagnosis : Your presentation, Katya, was pseudo-moral!

    Katya Gordon: That amount of gifts that I receive on pays for my activity [PR of my book] there

    Katya retired from the audience ... Smiling :)

    At ROCIT conferences, there are always cookies and coffee. Especially good are chocolate with a nut in the middle.

    Moved to the section "Business through social networks."

    I wonder what Ivan Lukin from Mirax Group will tell you about networks. Something about the construction?

    Mirax broadcasts very quietly. I’d better go to the Anton Popov section about marketing 2.0.

    12 square meters for the Internet marketing 2.0 section is definitely not enough. I couldn’t even get into this room. The

    third section is led by Nana Kulikova. Entertainment based on 2.0. Among the participants, the lady in the black hat

    returned to the business section. // User profile (which groups it belongs to) says more than its social dem information

    The case from Hidden Marketing about Work and Travel in Vkontakte reminded me that I was invited to this group about 5 times. But I'm not Central Asia?

    The lilac screen is the coolest presentation :)

    Now there will be a presentation of awards for the best blogs

    Plugotarenko: Carrying out a prize for bloggers is a dumb business. // Participants complain about winding up

    I won’t say anything. Everything is on the award website (is it?)

    Announcement: in the section "Niche Social Networks" Shukh will talk about what Habrahabr

    Dmitry Kravchuk ( is aiming for: We sell readers, and Mamba - people

    Shuh (Habrahabr): users - 50 thousand, attendance - 130 thousand. The goal is to attract specialized users

    . Have you seen the special placement on Habré? Top last menu link

    Mainas asked Shuhu a provocative question. I had to tell why he was banned. For a false insider

    , Habr had an idea to create an offline magazine based on content. But it’s not so simple. The main question is copyright


    You can already leave. There are fewer people in the halls. Probably because the cookies will be gone.

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