The Internet has finally overtaken newspapers

    Many years of rivalry between the Internet and newspapers ended in victory for the latter. Sociological surveys conducted in 2008 show that the Internet is finally ahead of the paper press as the main source of news for the public. This refers to ordinary people, not geeks and young people who are used to receiving news from the Internet many years ago. For ordinary people (including middle-aged and elderly), Internet sites are now more important than any newspapers. Only television remained ahead.

    If you look at the sharp jerk that the Internet made in 2008 (Pew Research data for the US audience is shown on the left / top graph), then there is very little left for television. Moreover, for the younger generation, the Internet has now caught up with television in terms of informational importance. The table on the right shows data for people 18-29 years old in recent years.

    via Pew Research

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