The front pages of The New York Times on DVD

    The front page of the newspaper is the most scandalous, relevant and, in general, the most-most. Especially a newspaper like The New York Times, loved by the Americans tremblingly and received as many as 98 Pulitzer Prizes.

    It just so happened that after the victory of Barack Obama in the recent US presidential election, many newspapers, including The New York Times, even printed out the circulation in order to satisfy readers' thirst for seeing their chosen one in a “paper” format. Interestingly, the day after the election, newspapers were sold on ebay at very indecent prices. And the editors on their websites for digital versions of the front pages asked for a lot of money. That’s why this is needed - I don’t know. But, perhaps, the American "first printers" know better. If people want to read, so let them read. Or collects for archive.

    Actually, it's time to move on to the news itself. The fact is that the publishing house that publishes the famous US newspaper has digitized and published on DVD all the front pages of The New York Times in the history of its existence. These discs duplicate the paper version of the archive, dubbed The New York Times: The Complete Front Pages, 1851–2008. I am sure that the entire "circulation" of the publication will be sold out in no time. The history of the most important events for more than a century and a half, and even in the format of the "front page", and even on DVD in excellent quality - is an interesting thing.

    It’s interesting, but if our “Twinkle” or “Around the World” shared their front pages, would you buy such a “historical first-page” excursion into the past?

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