Before the laws of the media, everyone is equal

    The Infokomov round table " Convergence in the media. The application point is the Network " last Thursday stood out favorably against the rather vague background of the forum as a whole. Its theme - the survival of the media in the neighborhood with the Internet - in itself captures only those who are professionally engaged in mass communications. But ultimately it concerns each of us. Without bothering you with lengthy arguments, I will give here the key, in my opinion, quotes from the discussion.

    Alexander Zharov , Deputy Minister of Communications: “The traditional media today face challenges:
    • How to win a race with the Internet sphere? "
    Demyan Kudryavtsev , general director of Kommersant Publishing House: “89% of our income now is the print media. But in 10 years there will be no newspapers such as we know them. ”

    “For every media - cinema, theater - the Phoenix story of rebirth from the ashes went its own way. Under the influence of time, they were able to change and get a new quality. But the turn of the media has not yet arrived. ”

    “ Newspapers in the USA began to die not when the Internet appeared, but when people stopped having time to read newspapers at breakfast. They began to work far from home, on the road a lot to listen to the radio, and at work quickly go over the headlines of Internet tapes. Newspapers began to fall at times. Such a process awaits Russia as well. ”

    “Today in the newspapers there is no exclusivity of fact. We will not chase the Net. All our top hits until the 98th year - information. Our hit today is the intonation of the narrator. Intonation defines a brand, and already on it the reader chooses information for himself. ”

    “ We rely on electronic paper. The newspaper should not depend on the physical medium, it should use all means of communication. But at the same time it should remain material and tangible, otherwise it will simply cease to be a newspaper. The newspaper tomorrow, as we present it today, is an electronic paper roll. The Daily Prophet from Harry Potter - this is it! ”

    Vasily Gatov , Advisor to the CEO of Media 3:“ The only happiness of the existing media is that the ratio of “conservative” and new [which requires new channels of information delivery ] audience - 8: 1. And over the next 5-6 years, the place of traditional media will not decrease. ”

    Alexander Gerasimov , general director of the City-FM radio station:“ We are not saving our homeland, but we are doing ratings. And it's all about how to make money at a lower cost. We have only 8 full-time journalists and we attract “national correspondents” - there are many of them. And despite the fact that 8 of those cost 38 of these, you get savings. ”

    Dmitry Mednikov , editor-in-chief of Vesti-24 channel and Vesti-FM radio station:“ I would not be dramatic. We are just talking about a way for classic media to get additional sources of profit. ”

    Alexander Zharov :
    • How to deal with piracy, theft of material?
    Demyan Kudryavtsev : “The threshold for entering the information market is now minimal. And we are not inclined to work on raising it, because a low bar is a guarantee against any autocracy.

    But this has another side. Last year, our publishing house spent a total of $ 11 million on creating information. The budget of one of the popular mine sites in Novosibirsk, mine-pastors, is $ 70 thousand. But our advantages are quality, intonation, reasonable use of technology (when the reader remains the reader, and not collecting newspapers all over the Internet for himself). ”

    Dmitry Mednikov : Yes, we will continue to sue!

    Alexander Zharov :
    • How to prepare journalists for work in a new environment?
    Anna Kachkaeva , Head of the Department of Television and Radio Broadcasting, Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University: “We are entering an era when young people will have to study a lot themselves, and young people should understand this.”

    “Today's reader is easy. He does not count on a deep immersion in information, vividly perceives intonations and emotions. The dramatic plot is important to him, not the informational part. ”

    “ New technologies for a journalist are not a headache, but additional opportunities. The modern edition should use all communication channels for both collecting and delivering information. We must be able to work for different audiences. ”

    Alexander Zharov :
    • "How to navigate the information noise? How to build mass media education?
    The task of the ministry: to formulate ways to support new content distribution channels. That is, eliminate the digital divide.

    Bright, positive, branded news - practically advertising - will always win. ”

    Anna Kachkaeva :“ The current “jump-shaped” young people do not live in the old vertical information system. They make up for themselves a big picture of mosaic pieces: television, radio, podcasts, RSS. ”

    In conclusion, Alexander Zharov noted that interest in the topic was already ripe and it was time to move the discussion to the high level of the ministry.

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