Microsoft promotes blogs among authors, not readers

    Microsoft sales in Russia more than doubled over the past year. A
    year ago, they surpassed $ 250 million, and now they have reached $ 600 million.
    Microsoft has Napoleonic plans , but it will be practically impossible to
    implement without Russian-speaking workers in Redmond. If the
    R&D center is to be opened in Russia (and this will definitely happen, a matter of time),
    people from Redmond who know the process, company standards
    , etc. Therefore, at the moment, it is necessary to establish close ties
    between the two branches of the company, to involve Russian-speaking employees
    from Redmond in the “common cause”.

    So here. In May 2006, Moscow troops landed with us, gathered
    us for lunch and announced that according to a public opinion poll
    Russian IT-employees, for 3 points Microsoft is ill: quality,
    safety, and support. (What other parameters can be praised, I
    really don’t know). And then they decided that they could not fix the first two, but
    perhaps the last! The problem, it turns out, is that IT people in
    Russia do not speak English (in general, the shame is actually ahem, ahem).
    And in order to create the idea that Microsoft is not so
    inaccessible, and also speaks Russian, we were asked to open blogs on
    technet (

    Here is a technet entry into Russian blogs, there is mine too.
    Prizes were announced for successful blogging. The first is 100,000 airline miles
    Delta. The second is 50,000 miles, the third is probably 25,000, but I don’t remember.
    Plus 100 dollar certificates at The results promised to
    fail every fin. year. Because then to the end of the fin. there
    was a little more than a month, I thought it was cool, telling me
    that they would read it, and even the
    second prize is a free flight ticket to anywhere in Europe and back,
    also not bad at all. (Prizes were given for the number of hits on the blog). Well, that's

    In addition to Technet, which itself is popular, RSS goes to various IT
    forums along with other Russian tech blogs. Therefore, the blog, as it were,
    "PR itself" without any cost to my efforts. All this
    Of course, because this is not a separate blog, but part of the large
    blogosphere of a large company that does not particularly need PR, it
    is PR itself.

    Boris Kogan, Microsoft

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