In America, programmers retrain for journalists

    This news was lost amid the Knight Foundation's announcement of the winners of the News Challenge , whose prize pool was about $ 12 million in grants to create new types of journalistic communities. The most interesting winner was Rich Gordon (Rich Gordon) from the School of Journalism. Joseph Medill at Northwestern University, who received a grant of $ 639 thousand. The

    main idea of ​​Gordon is to help involve more people in the world of journalism, like Adrian Holowati (also a prize winner). Adrian is an incomparable programmer with the soul of a journalist.

    Rich will spend a grant from the Knight Foundation to create a curriculum combining computer science and journalism to recruit high-profile news sites. He wants to give knowledge to graduates of the journalism program at the School of Journalism. Medilla, so that they have an education and programming experience.

    Rich plans to launch this program this fall. If anyone is interested, you can read more about the reception here .

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