Guardian Unlimited Homepage Updated

    On May 10, the main page of the Guardian Unlimited network (The Guardian newspaper) was updated , looking at which you can imagine how soon the rest of the site will look.

    According to the chief editor Emily Bell, the new design allows you to present more information on the page and quickly change it depending on the events. The days when the design or set of functions of the website have not changed over the years are in the past, and our goal is to constantly improve and update our network, she said.

    The total time planned for a complete update of the design of all sites of the Guardian Unlimited network is a year and a half. The main design changes are wider pages, larger headlines and more images, commentsGuardian creative editor Mark Porter. “Most importantly, we strive for a simpler and more convenient design that makes using Guardian Unlimited easier, more intuitive and more enjoyable.”

    The Guardian Unlimited site network was launched in January 1999.

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