Malaysian authorities create a blog monitoring team

    Not only in Russia there are state brigades to track forums for the purpose of agitation and counter-propaganda. Similar units are going to create, for example, the authorities of Malaysia. Such plans were announced by the Ministry of Information of this Asian country.

    Like their Russian and Chinese colleagues, specially hired Malays will participate in online discussions, respond to the facts of lies, anti-state propaganda and misinformation on the forums. The argumentation of the "brigadiers" will be exclusively patriotic in nature.

    The Malaysian authorities took such a step, being confident in the negative essence of the blogosphere, in which thousands of false rumors are easily created and spread. More recently, two prominent Malay bloggers have been convicted of defamation. And last year, Malaysia officially introduced Internet censorship . “We cannot allow to deceive and mislead our citizens on the main issues related to the development of our society. This primarily relates to political and economic issues published uncontrollably on the Internet, ”said the Malaysian Prime Minister.

    via TerraNet

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